Outdoor work setting designed by M Moser in New York City.

Elevating an ad agency’s creative aspirations

Hudson Rouge, New York

Hudson Rouge is a luxury brand-focused ad agency under the umbrella of WPP, the world’s largest communications services group. For its full-floor penthouse office, the agency wanted to put an emphasis on branding, collaboration, and critical strategic design. We developed a design reflecting Hudson Rouge’s progressive, out-of-the-box creative aspirations, and its luxury brand clientele.

At a glance

  1. The design balances luxury with industrial grit to address Hudson Rouge’s brand identity.
  2. Honest materials and open views support creative ideation.
  3. ‘Promenade’ circulation encourages movement without disturbing collaborative and individual work areas.
office workplace design

The office is designed as an open plan studio with formal, informal and casual collaboration areas. The planning introduces a variety of workspaces for creative ideation and visioning, and brings maximum daylight into the open studio with unobstructed views on three sides. Circulation along the interior and perimeter create a ‘promenade’ for staff and guests to easily traverse the landscape of open collaboration settings, lounge areas and meeting rooms without disturbing work.

A ‘collaboration alley’ runs through the centre of the space, creating a common area for staff. The alley concept is reinforced architecturally by a ceiling made of reclaimed wood and dotted with glass pendant lights. The office also has a private roof garden offering 360-degree views of the Manhattan skyline.

workplace lounge
workplace meeting room

The design establishes a robust brand identity for Hudson Rouge based in honesty, craft and the integrity of materials. Finish and furniture selections intentionally create tension between an industrial feel and a sense of luxury to reflect the agency’s brand. A natural, neutral palette of wood finishes, concrete poured flooring and muted accent colours define the space. Polished metal lighting fixtures and vintage furniture continue the emphasis on honesty of craft with a touch of luxury.

workplace lounge corner

2013Interior Design Magazine - Honoree



Completion date



New York


13,800 sq ft


Eric Laignel

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