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Multinational technology company, Sydney

A multinational technology company collaborated with us to shape its new Sydney workspace. The aim was to reflect its core values of ‘Inspiring creativity and bringing joy’. Enhancing our relationship with its parent company and contributing to a 200,000 sq m global portfolio, this project reflects the commitment to enabling creativity and enriching people’s lives. A mission that guided us in creating a vibrant, innovative workplace that stands the test of time.

At a glance

  1. A tech-enabled, diverse space designed for creativity and productivity.
  2. Fostering a positive, inclusive and socially connected workplace culture.
  3. A dynamic aesthetic that stimulates and supports imaginative thinking.

Celebrating the brand through an iconic location and bold design

Located in the Salesforce Tower, this new workspace spans four floors, offering stunning views of the Sydney Opera House and harbour.

vibrant modern workplace in Sydney

The space features a dynamic design, inspired by the brand. A colour-changing lift lobby welcomes people to the reception leaving a memorable first impression. The client zone, that also serves as a versatile event space, has bespoke furniture and a large LED screen to create an immersive experience.

Flexible workplace design
brand experience Multinational technology company Sydney

Designing for the needs of employees

Through workshops and surveys, our team identified four employee types, each requiring a unique work style. Analysis showed a strong preference for focus areas (40% higher than the industry average) and team co-location. User journey mapping prompted our design for workflow, collaboration and space utilisation, ensuring a positive employee experience.

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Building on a deep understanding of the brand’s diverse global user base and workforce, we created a workplace that embraces variety. The new space offers a range of work environments, including traditional workstations, team tables, small discussion rooms, quiet areas with acoustic protection, focused workrooms and private phone booths. These elements provide the flexibility and adaptability necessary tocreate a dynamic hub that drives innovation and engagement for all.

Multinational technology company Sydney biophilic design
open layout human-centric workplace

Unlocking collaboration and creativity

In the fast-paced tech industry, creating a futureproof environment to adapt and flex with business evolution was essential. Favouring reconfigurable collaborative zones over a static environment, teams can adapt and tailor furniture and equipment to support the task at hand.

The workplace focuses on connection and community, allowing each person to choose how and where they work best. From open plan areas and a café for casual meetings to a film studio and focus rooms designed for concentrated and creative work.

modern workspace design Sydney
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Each zone offers different work settings, including collaborative areas and ergonomic workstations. Facilities like recording studios have been built, with careful consideration of technical specifications and the creative ethos of the company.

Multinational technology company Sydney workplace

Integrating efficiency and local culture

To maintain connectivity, we created a central void with an internal staircase connecting all floors. This area features a mural by a Sydney based artist. While this hub encourages interaction it also sets the tone for a space that integrates regional culture.

modern office architecture Australia

Throughout the workspace, local artists’ work aligns with the floor themes, such as ‘Iconic Australia’, ‘Flora & Fauna’, ‘Outback’, and ‘Coastal’. Additionally, playful wall graphics in the central hub reflect the innovative and experimental nature of the work, inspiring creative thinking throughout the space.

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5,000 sq m / 53,820 sq ft




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