Immersive workplace design by M Moser in Mumbai for NBA featuring a fully branded employee experience.

Building brand connection in an immersive workplace

NBA, Mumbai

With a significant fanbase across India, the NBA set out to create a new Experience Centre in Mumbai. It wanted to build a closer connection with local audiences, and increase awareness of the game and the NBA brand. We were engaged to design the Experience Centre along with a new workplace that would reflect the youthful, athletic, and lively culture of the league.

At a glance

  1. A design that captures the lively essence of basketball.
  2. Increasing engagement with the sport across multi-functional spaces.
  3. Showcasing memorabilia and player profiles to build brand awareness.
office interior design

NBA’s Mumbai Experience Centre builds and promotes awareness about basketball and the NBA brand. Designed for up to 60 people, the space is an arena and forum for small events and a hosting space for visiting players. It’s also a showroom for senior marketing and brand leaders supporting corporate partnerships with the NBA. A fast-paced sport that requires great speed and agility, the team needed to look no further than basketball for design inspiration.

Basketball has a committed following of 17 million in India, many under the age of thirty-five. Combining the energy of the game with a futuristic and connected workspace, the NBA Experience Centre celebrates the sport and its heritage. It offers a unique journey for employees, visitors, and fans.

office interior design
Colourful meeting room area filled with NBA merchandise and large artwork of basketball game.

Using information to bring people closer to the game, the space has bleacher seating and iPads with flip screens featuring player images and profiles. Merchandise displays showcase basketball memorabilia such as jerseys, footwear, basketballs, and other branded gear to create connection to the brand.

To meet NBA’s goals of happiness and fulfilment, employees are encouraged to interact and play between work. Balancing collaboration with focus, the workspace offers a range of settings to support different needs.

Comfortable work bench featuring live screens of basketball games.

The idea is to offer a behind-the-scenes experience to Indian fans. Coming here would be a ‘money-can’t-buy’ experience.

Siddharth Chury, Associate Vice President, Global Partnerships, NBA
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5,900 sq ft



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