A nature-inspired space for a world leader in biological solutions

Novozymes, Shanghai

Novozymes is a world leader in biological solutions. Together with its customers, partners and the global community it, “improves industrial performance while preserving the planet’s resources and helping to build better lives”.

Novozymes wanted to emphasise its brand and culture of innovation. To this end, we created an engaging new workplace in Shanghai.

A unique design concept

The “Novo Garden” concept is inspired by the winding paths that lead to quiet places in Shanghai’s Yu Garden. Garden-inspired window grills, pavilions, corridors, towers, water and plants punctuate the floor plan and layout. This helps connect the space with local culture and community.

To celebrate Novozymes’ brand, we used the shapes of the enzymes and microorganisms found in its products. Unique lamps, leaf-shaped chairs and abstract patterns on the front desk represent nature and growth.

Supporting flexibility and collaboration

The office is designed for flexible working. Collaboration spaces support team discussions, while private spaces encourage relaxation.

Having lunch together is an important part of the workplace culture. The dining area is a gathering place for eating, socialising and working. A large wooden table, inspired by the warmth of the home, encourages interaction and community-building.

Overall, Novozymes’ new space celebrates brand, culture and innovation. New ideas come to life when biotech and local aesthetics collide in the “Novo Garden”.



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6,888 sq ft


Vitus Lau

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