An inspiring Diageo workplace to spark inspiration

Diageo, Shanghai

World-class alcohol beverage company, Diageo is committed to offering diverse experiences to clients. This helps to further its product development and innovation. Inspired by the business’ motto, “Celebrating life, every day, everywhere” we expressed the vibrant and dynamic brand culture in its new Shanghai headquarters.

At a glance

  1. A modern sustainability-focused workplace with intentional material selection
  2. Expressing company branding and heritage while informing and inspiring the new local market
  3. A relaxed and agile workspace to encourage diverse working styles and enhance productivity

Following the success of six other Diageo projects in the Asia-Pacific region, we created a new sustainability-focused workplace. The space features all the key amenities of a modern workspace, including a specialty bar that celebrates Diageo’s valued heritage.

diageo seating area with views of shanghai

A workplace featuring the largest bar of its kind

In every Diageo office, there is a bar. Diageo’s new Shanghai space is no exception, offering the largest of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. A bar that accommodates up to 100 people.

few people having drinks at diageo shanghai bar

The office is an agile environment, enabling staff to work on their own or in a team. The bar area is also flexible and can transform into a party venue. Therefore, providing space for special occasions and events for colleagues to bond.

diageo shanghai workplace bar area with people
diageo shanghai bar seating area
diageo workplace bar evening shot

The 10-metre bar counter and the spaces around it accommodate clients, business negotiations, and casual conversations. The relaxed design supports inspiration and social connection.

diageo shangai board room area

An immersive brand journey

The workplace journey explores various Diageo beverage brands. In the reception area, recyclable copper material reflects Diageo’s commitment to sustainability while mirroring the texture of liquid.

diageo workplace meeting room
diageo shanghai decorated meeting room
decorated meeting room wall with seating

All the meeting rooms are named after Diageo’s classic brands. We’ve designed each room to reflect its unique style. Softwood panels on the wall in the ‘Johnnie Walker’ room for example explore the brand history of this Scotch whisky and how it arrived in Shanghai. By combining Diageo’s international vision with Shanghai’s culture, we localise the workspace while informing new audiences about the brand history.

diageo shanghai workplace ceiling detailing

Framed artwork, products, visuals on lockers and fluid art on ceilings contribute to a unique brand experience. It spotlights Diageo’s cultural legacy and encourages closer connection between employees and the company.

diageo shanghai workplace seating area

The ideal space for innovation and collaboration

The relaxed vibe of the workspace encourages collaboration and connection. It features an adjustable lighting system that expresses different moods based on user needs.

Various workstations meet a range of individual needs. The open office is for collaborative work – while meeting rooms, quiet spaces, and phone booths support group and focused work. All are comfortable environments for both formal and informal communication.


diageo shanghai workplace meeting rooms
workplace light pouring in
workplace seating area with orange couch

The majority of workstations are equipped with height-adjustable desks and other ergonomic office furniture for optimum comfort.

diageo workplace collaboration space

Prioritising employee wellness and sustainability

Expressing Diageo’s focus on employee wellness and sustainability, including a goal to hit net-zero by 2030, we used energy-efficient, recyclable or recycled materials. An independent air purification system ensures clean air throughout the space. Then, an LED sensor lighting system, lights up spacious rooms, where potted plants are found.

The materials specified in the workplace express the concept of “Creating new value through heritage”. These materials are carbon-neutral, green label, bought from companies with ethical practices and add to the overall sustainability of the space. These efforts bring Diageo closer to its long-term sustainability goals.

diageo workplace group space
diageo shanghai chair area
wall art of celebrating life

Diageo Shanghai expands the successful partnership with M Moser to create progressive people-centric workplaces. This sustainable space tells Diageo’s brand story and leverages flexibility. It encourages collaboration and interaction, connecting employees, clients and partners.

diageo pantry area wide shot with sunlight


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19,910 sq ft


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