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Nutanix, Sydney

Nutanix is a cloud computing software company with offices worldwide. Following our delivery of its Bengaluru office, we designed the new workplace in Sydney’s central business district. The company wanted to elevate perceptions of its brand and affirm its position in the Australian market with a bespoke, elegant new work environment. The design incorporates a vibrant mix of colour graphics and custom artwork across multi-functional community spaces. It expresses the company’s energetic and innovative personality while honouring Australia’s diverse cultural heritage.

At a glance

  1. Values of collaboration and disruption are embedded in collaborative, flexible, multi-functional spaces.
  2. Bespoke aboriginal and creative artwork by Australian artists localises the workplace.
  3. The LEED Silver-certified space is both healthy and sustainable.
woman behind reception desk

A central design goal for Nutanix was to create a space that would reflect the company’s mission to disrupt the industry with innovative software solutions. At the same time, Nutanix wanted its workplace to express its fun, humble and collaborative culture. Two key areas where this plays out are The Common Room and The Box.

The Common Room is a spacious, adaptable front-of-house space for multiple activities. It offers a welcoming and memorable social experience. With spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the up-and-coming Barangaroo business district, this flexible entry space connects the reception to an open pantry and community space for unwinding and connection. The Box is a large training room behind the reception that connects to The Common Room via sliding timber partitions to create a larger learning environment. The Box design encourages Nutanix staff to host in-house training sessions, town hall meetings, and invite partners and clients for corporate events.

people sitting in lounge space beside window
women talking in meeting room
workplace reception space with artwork
man walking in front of branded artwork wall

Bright, playful colours and specially commissioned artworks bring character to the space. The colour story aligns with Nutanix’s brand identity and features in public and private workspaces across the office. It reflects the company’s focus on creating community and providing a fun place to work. Drawing on Australia’s deep cultural roots and Aboriginal heritage, we engaged several local artists to create works that intertwine aspects of the Nutanix brand with local influences. This includes a custom mural behind the reception, setting the stage for a meaningful and inspiring workplace journey. Graphics and artworks across the office connect Nutanix’s global brand to Australia’s rich local culture.

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with innovation, so we designed this office to support staff wellbeing and to reduce environmental footprint. This was achieved by improving indoor environmental quality, increasing ventilation and increasing water and energy efficiency. Material conservation encouraged adaptive reuse, minimising construction cost and waste. The resulting healthy work environment received LEED Silver Certification and promotes sustainable design practices.

dark booth seating with logo saying humble

It was essential that the workplace reflects the Nutanix business objectives but also the local Sydney team’s unique needs and culture. We now view our Sydney workplace as a benchmark for future projects and one of the most admired Nutanix offices in the world.

Janine O’Malley Workplace Manager – ANZ, Nutanix
lounge space with text saying honest
people sitting in lounge space beside window
people sitting at table in front of colourful rooms


Completion date





19,000 sq ft


LEED Silver



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