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Building a collaborative workplace culture

Tech company, London

Our client builds automation technology software for global businesses. They acquired a number of companies so needed to bring its people together into one space. Our role was to consolidate them into a new European HQ through workplace strategy with design & build services.

At a glance

  1. Introducing new ways of working in a shift towards greater collaboration.
  2. Bringing together people from across three different workplaces.
  3. Focusing on wellness and choice.

The office introduces new ways of working. Nearly half of the floorplate is collaborative spaces. A 311% increase in open meeting areas from the previous locations.

The first-time staff from three offices would work together, the design solution would help to build a new workplace culture. The breakout area is located at the heart of the space. It uses the building’s natural day light to offer comfort when people meet, team-build, or innovate.

workplace open plan lounge
workspace greenery lounge
open plan workspace greenery

The office design focuses on areas to work, meet and regroup. It provides freedom of choice for individual tasks and focused work, with social spaces to catch-up. A wellness room lets people recharge away from their desk.

Columns feature 360-degree hanging plants to reduce stress levels for staff. End of desk planting boosts air quality, reduces noise pollution and breaks up the open-plan. Cellular space has been built away from the perimeter and atriums to harness daylight and maximise sight-lines across the floor.

We introduced new work styles for a less formal meeting culture. Writable double-sided surfaces reduce the need for project rooms. Mobile, writable screens provide extra ways to collaborate. The company shifted from a 1:2 to 3:1 ratio of open-to-closed meeting spaces.

workspace booths

Our agile design enabled a 311% increase in open meeting and working spaces. It introduces new typologies including open meeting pergolas, acoustic booths, and a variety of informal collaboration areas.

Jeni Durksen, Senior Associate, M Moser Associates
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26,000 sq ft


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