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Engineering integrated workspaces

People are nuanced and complex. So are the workspaces that best support them. The most successful work environments integrate beautiful design, optimal functionality and technical performance. 

Office engineering requires multidisciplinary expertise to incorporate design, specification, construction and management for cutting edge, technical workspaces. From complying with building codes to meeting health and safety workplace standards, MEP engineering requires both breadth and depth of knowledge. MEP knowledge is also important to validate a building’s mechanical systems and performance during site selection.

Companies that value people attract top talent. Our approach to health and wellness design incorporates health and safety measures such as advanced ventilation systems, real-time air quality monitoring, and tracking of safe occupancy levels.

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Our team of global, in-house experts includes electrical, mechanical, and IT infrastructure engineers as well as network systems, A/V, laboratory, construction management, and sustainability specialists.

A truly integrated workspace incorporates elements such as IT and A/V needs from the earliest design phases. Interdisciplinary coordination leads to more flexible, adaptable workspaces and reduce the need for costly rework as client needs adjust. Leveraging the collective expertise of our people, we provide end-to-end project solutions, including:

  • Mechanical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Lab utilities
  • Emergency power
  • Data cabling
  • Network
  • Telecom
  • Audio-visual
  • Critical IT infrastructure

Our team is committed to meeting your project’s MEP engineering needs to create intuitive, adaptable and healthy environments where people can connect, collaborate, and deliver their best work.

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