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At M Moser, every design decision we make matters for people and the planet. As global leaders in workplace sustainability, we challenge ourselves to design and build projects that minimise environmental impact while maximising the opportunity to help people do their best work. This commitment to sustainability is fundamental to our identity and affects all areas of our operations.

We address sustainability with a whole lifecycle approach. Considerations include site selection, due diligence, material selection, building construction, and how the building will be operated, maintained, and repaired in the future. We examine the supply chain at each step and collaborate with clients and vendors to decarbonise the project in line with the project goals.

From portfolio advisory to design and material selection, to computer modeling, procurement and construction, we strive to reduce waste and improve efficiency in every project we undertake. We support our clients in corporate sustainability visioning – setting global targets, through delivery and occupancy to operations and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

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Sustainability and decarbonisation services include:

  • Sustainability visioning and planning
  • Site selection and due diligence
  • Project lifecycle
  • Next-use planning
  • Carbon accounting
  • Net zero
  • Environmental, Social and Governance reporting
  • Planning and process
  • Embodied carbon
  • Operational carbon
  • Services optimisation
  • Space analytics
  • Circular design
  • Low carbon specification
  • Zero carbon project delivery
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion planning and design.

Creating sustainable work environments has been an essential part of our ethos. We practice environmental-friendly concepts in our own offices and also strive to do the same for our global clients to support responsible business growth.

Moira Moser, Chairman & Founder, M Moser Associates

Our award-winning sustainability work has been recognised across the globe. We are pioneers in improving efficiency in sustainable design. Our offices are “living labs” where we test and iterate on sustainable solutions. With hundreds of green and healthy projects under our belt and our team of WELL, LEED, and BREEAM accredited professionals, we have delivered millions of square feet of certified builds.

Climate change is an urgent concern, and to protect our future, we must act now. We firmly stand beside the COP26 1.5°C Climate Action commitment; with every project, we challenge our team to reduce climate impact. Sustainability in the built environment is critical, so material consciousness and efficient energy use are deeply rooted in our design methodology.

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