Exploring the benefits of sustainable design at the Yale Center Beijing

The new Yale Center, designed by M Moser, is setting standards in Beijing. Located in the heart of the city’s Central Business District, it embraces the dynamic curves inspired by the School of Management in New Haven and uses rich oak wood to create a timeless design. It also achieved LEED Gold for excellence in sustainability. The rejuvenated look-and-feel combines new design elements with the campus’ existing features to create a flexible and sustainable fusion of workspace, events venue and learning centre. Maximising the breath-taking views of Beijing’s CBD, the space prioritises natural light to complement its use of natural wood.

Speaking at “Nourishing the Senses”, the American Institute of Architects (AIA)’s ‘event sponsored by AHEC, Dr. Christine Bruckner, FAIA and Director at M Moser, shared her objectives for the Beijing region and Asia Zone 2 with prominent architects, designers and industry professionals from across China. Grounding the discussion on the importance of sustainable, human-focused design, she explored the value of carbon-conscious design as exemplified by the wood-enriched hosting venue created by M Moser. Dr. Bentel of Bentel & Bentel also presented her restaurant work, highlighting how natural wood is integral to her designs.

Sharing further insights about the space, our Beijing team gave a tour to explore the flexibility and openness of using wood in the design. 


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