"On Branding": An interview with Raquel Sachser

Raquel Sachser, Senior Designer at M Moser Associates‘ New York City offices, who recently worked on office projects for Pivotal Labs, Raymond James, and Honeywell was interviewed by Office Snapshots.

In the interview, Raquel discusses what branding in the contemporary office landscape looks like, and how M Moser works to help clients create an environment which matches the unique identity of each organisation.

Prodigious, Brooklyn, New York

Prodigious, Brooklyn, New York

What does workplace branding look like for a client of M Moser Associates? Is it different depending on the company?

M Moser’s workplace branding results in unique story-telling for each client, for each location. We tailor the clients’ graphic story to the company’s brand, initiatives, and cultural/community goals for the next chapter in their business.

Environmental graphics drive successes around activating the space, clear message delivery, and wayfinding, and we’ve found graphics are one of the tools our clients use in attracting best-in- class talent. New graduates joining the workforce and choosing between “X, Y, and Z” company are wanting to work in a place that resonates with them. Graphics fully resonate when they are aligned to architectural concepts; communicating company brand to visitors, and supporting the organization’s goals, values and mission.

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