Green Building & Design magazine recognises Dr Christine Bruckner with a Women in Sustainability Leadership award

M Moser’s Dr Christine Bruckner has been recognised with a Women in Sustainability Leadership Award (WSLA) from Green Building & Design (gb&d) magazine, for exceptional contribution to a sustainable world.

Hosted at the Thompson Hotel Chicago, the event honoured 11 winners of the fifth annual Women in Sustainability Leadership Awards. The celebratory dinner included speeches from Jo Ann Rooney, Loyola President; Rochelle Routman, Halstead/MetroFlor’s Chief Sustainability Officer and WSLA Alumnae Group Chair; Laura Heidenreich, gb&d President; Chris Howe, gb&d Publisher and the winners.

Dr Bruckner shared with the audience, “M Moser teams work together to implement design which makes a difference in peoples’ lives. Our transdisciplinary specialists solve problems and address the opportunities that come with building a sustainable future”. 

The speeches and conversations amongst award-winners and guests continued to highlight the importance of collaboration to enable the success of sustainability and lasting change. Dr Bruckner acknowledged, “We really need to work together. Collaborative leadership and shared success is the road forward”.

The events emphasised strong momentum in the sustainability and wellness industry with a focus on healthy workplace culture and employee well-being. Not only can this help to improve attraction and retention for businesses, but as Dr Bruckner highlights, “We are creating spaces for people where they can meet and exceed their own potential”.

Green Building & Design magazine recognises Dr Christine Bruckner with a Women in Sustainability Leadership award section

A special thank you to Laura Heidenreich, Chris Howe and the team at gb&d, USGBCIWBI, the M Moser team including Danielle Palumbo, and all of the award-winners for their ongoing commitment to sustainability.

WSLA aims to create a central hub that identifies and connects the most powerful women at the forefront of sustainability. The globally recognised award celebrates and advances these top-level female sustainability executives who then, in turn, support younger women with dreams of reaching such levels of achievement.

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