Supporting Knotel's growth and expansion across Europe

Supporting Knotel’s organisational growth, including the acquisition of nearly 140,000 sq ft in London in the last 3 months, we’re excited to announce that we are engaged to design and deliver its flexible workspaces across the capital.

Knotel, one of the fastest-growing providers of flexible office space, is continuing its European expansion by creating a multitude of new London workspaces in areas such as St. Paul’s, Soho, Bloomsbury, and Mayfair.

Tom Dugarin, UK General Manager at Knotel, commented: “As we continue to expand rapidly in the UK, we are proud to work with M Moser. We are always focused on ensuring we match customers’ brand identity and headcount with their property footprint as quickly and efficiently as possible”.

The project team developed new processes to enhance the speed and scale of delivery. This was achieved through a mixture of rapid construction mobility and a design framework that can be personalised for clients to address building location or any features that may need to be incorporated.

Knotel serves the global workspace needs of a range of organisations – from high-growth start-ups and technology firms to financial institutions and luxury brands. Providing flexible, tailored workspaces for enterprise clients; each Knotel space can be fitted out, designed and styled as the customer desires. This gives Knotel’s customers the ability to scale up or down in line with their spacing requirements and provides the flexibility needed to shift their real estate footprint to match headcount.

Enabling property owners and tenants to imprint their brand on the space, Knotel offices have the look, feel and identity of the customers who use it. 

M Moser’s Mariana Anelli, Associate - Design, shares: “Knotel is revolutionising the process of leasing, building, and operating commercial real estate, so it is great to partner with such a progressive client on multiple projects.



If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


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