Conversations that shaped the world of work

In 2019, we saw some major shifts in the world of work. Organisations around the globe focused on the transformation of their businesses, embracing change from the inside-out. At the heart of this transformation was the employee, the environments in which they work, and their ability to engage with and drive change.

Moving into 2020, we’ve collected some of 2019’s key talking points on the transformation of people and place that will frame the conversation around workplace in the year to come.

The future of work

We have moved away from spaces that are conditioned to serve basic business functions, to holistic environments where human interactions, collaboration, and wellbeing serve a greater purpose.”
The New York Times - "The evolution of the open workplace"

The New York Times - “The evolution of the open workplace”

The evolution of the open workplace
Featured in The New York Times
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The c-suite’s powerful role in empowering digital transformation
Featured in HR Technologist
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Rethinking the open office with behaviour-based design
Speaking at WorkSpaces Palm Springs
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Tall building interiors - from now to the future
Moira Moser presents at the CTBUH Tall + Urban Innovation Conference
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How the evolution of business demands is shaping the workplace
Featured in CoreNet Global’s Leader Magazine
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What does a sustainable future mean for the built environment?
Speaking at AIA International Green Building Symposium
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Human-centric design

We must express genuine interest in how others function best, endeavoring to discover the true diversity of cognitive functioning.” 
The Guardian - "Employee Wellbeing" campaign. 

The Guardian - “Employee Wellbeing” campaign. 

Beyond wellness: Office design can be a vehicle for equality
Featured in the Guardian
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Designing for neurodiversity: Building incubators of innovation
Featured in OnOffice Magazine
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3 types of unique employee benefits to simplify employees’ lives
Featured in HR Technologist
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M Moser Associates’ NYC office reshapes work in their living lab
Featured in WorkDesign Magazine
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The tangible metrics of wellness design
Speaking at CoreNet Global Summit Amsterdam
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Organisational culture

Understanding the different types of spaces required for people to get their best work done is key to building an  adaptive workplace culture.”
Conversations that shaped the world of work section

Creating a positive organisational culture through design
Speaking at WELL Journey 2019 
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The impact of transformation on company culture
Speaking at Talent Management Asia 2019
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Four strategies to build the most adaptive culture
Featured in M Moser Insights
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How Zendesk’s APAC HQ is designed like a town
Featured in Human Resources Online
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Office space white paper 2019: ideal office space
Speaking at Officepark Summit 2019
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