Achieving the highest AIA Honor Award for design excellence and sustainability

Citi Tower,
One Bay East,
Hong Kong

Transcending the concept of work hard, play hard, this space moves beyond work-life balance, to work-life integration. With key objectives to enhance health, wellness and productivity, the design embraces employee empowerment and all aspects of sustainability and wellbeing in the workplace.

Recently achieving the highest Honor award for design excellence and sustainability, the space has been recognised by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) for its people-centric approach.


Achieving the highest AIA Honor Award for design excellence and sustainability section
Achieving the highest AIA Honor Award for design excellence and sustainability section

Citi’s new space consolidates 38 business units and 3,000 staff members from five leased buildings into one new, flexible and integrated, owned, multi-storey headquarters. This office interior holistically implements the firm’s latest workplace guidelines and innovative “Citi Works” concept.

I was very impressed by the way in which a new corporate culture and employee empowerment had been at the forefront of the design process and had been implemented with clarity and elegance.”

- Jury member, 2017 panel

Obtaining a number of industry firsts, the project has received recognition for the following:

  • First WELL Silver Certification in Hong Kong  
  • First RESET Certification in Hong Kong
  • The world’s largest WELL Certification for new and existing interiors
  • LEED v2009 Platinum Certification  
  • Top Honor Award recipient for “Excellence in Interior Architecture” from the American Institute of - Architecture (AIA) International Region 2017 Design Awards 
  • Winner of the RICS “Sustainability Achievement of the Year” Award in 2016, with an additional recognition in 2017

A state-of-the-art creation

The project began with studies to investigate the composition of business units, operational, spatial and technological needs, and a more extensive discovery of Citi’s strategic goals for Hong Kong. Among these were needs for flexible, sustainable workspaces; a wide variety of work settings differing in configuration, look and feel; reliable integrated Wi-Fi and AV infrastructure; increased availability of meeting rooms and collaborative spaces; and enhanced expression of the Citi brand.

Meet and greet floor

This floor serves as a corporate meeting centre welcoming both internal and external visitors. As an extension of the lobby, similar natural tones and textures are utilised to emphasise the Citi brand identity.

Community floor

Offering casual spaces that range from café-like living room settings to acoustically private focus areas, the community floor features a vibrant marketplace zone with food and beverage amenities, plus dedicated spaces for training and recruitment. Designed for flexibility, these spaces can be easily consolidated to accommodate “town hall” gatherings and other events.


To encouraging employees to embrace activity and maintain a strong work-life balance, a healthy materials gym has been integrated within the owned premises.

Typical work floors

In look, feel and function, typical work floors combine the elements of both community and meet and greet floors – such as staff cafes and break-out areas, a variety of meeting and small “quiet rooms” – with large swathes of open-plan workspace.

Breakout areas

Breakout areas with storage cabinets and lounge-like sofa seating are regularly interspersed between workstations, creating distinct “neighbourhoods” within the open-plan. Notably, the firm was able to create no less than nine distinct types of flexible work settings for each typical work floor.

Achieving the highest AIA Honor Award for design excellence and sustainability section


This project has achieved LEED v2009 Platinum, WELL v1 Silver Precertification and is the first in Hong Kong to receive both WELL v1 Silver Certification and RESET (indoor air quality excellence) Certification. With a broad range of sustainability and wellness features, Citi puts employee empowerment and wellbeing at the forefront of their workplace design.

Achieving the highest AIA Honor Award for design excellence and sustainability section

Contributing to the LEED Certification:

- 95% of equipment and appliances are Energy Star qualified
- 25% Light Power Density (LPD) reduction has been achieved without compromise to lux levels
- 75% of the construction waste has been diverted from landfill

Enhancing WELL, the project also delivers:

- 30% of workstations with sit/stand desks
- Regular IAQ monitoring of PM₂.₅ less than 15 μg/m³
- Total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) less than 500 μg/m³
- Nutritional information & allergy icons for food on the premises

  • Status Completed
  • Area 327,000 sq-f
  • Completion date 2017
  • Location Hong Kong
  • Sustainability LEED v2009 Platinum
  • Wellness WELL Silver
  • Awards

    AIA International Region Design Awards 2017 - Honor Award for Interior Architecture


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