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Creating a cosy, comfortable appeal to the office

Altico, Mumbai

Altico is a non-banking finance company focusing on senior secured lending for real estate projects in India’s Tier-1 cities. For its new office, the firm wanted to create a tactile work environment to attract talent and support organisational growth. Our design strategy focused on creating a comfortable and familiar setting to capture the connection to home.

At a glance

  1. Design inspired by iconic mid-century industrial architecture to connect to Altico’s heritage.
  2. Using raw and honest materials for a tactile environment.
  3. Efficient space planning helps make the most of the available square footage.
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Altico has established itself as a strong brand with a solid foundation, reflected in its slogan, ‘Financing India’s Future’. To translate this identity, we established a home-office design concept with materiality inspired by mid-century industrial architecture. The theme nods to Altico’s roots in lending to the real estate and asset-backed sectors and is expressed through raw bricks, concrete finishes, and exposed ceilings.

To capture a residential aesthetic, plants and greenery bring a natural look-and-feel to the space. Even the smallest details express the overall design concept. In the washrooms, interiors have been revamped in a mid-century style that continues the overall interior design language and supports the user experience.

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Because Mumbai has the highest rental prices in India, the efficient planning was another key element of Altico’s workspace design. Totalling 6,000 sq. ft. across a single floorplate, modular planning, helped optimise efficiency for the office. The layout balances collaboration spaces with the need for privacy, encouraging a productive environment that connects the Altico community.

This new office represents our ambition to be a leading financial firm driven by global standards shared by our world-renowned foreign shareholders.

Sanjay Grewal, Chief Executive Officer, Altico
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6,600 sq ft


Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

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