Connecting future work behaviours with the 'One Microsoft' goal


The design of the Microsoft Cloud’s Research & Development and Sales Headquarters in Research Triangle Park began with the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, and his new vision for the Microsoft culture: “One Microsoft. We are a family of individuals united by a single, shared mission. It’s our ability to work together that makes our dreams believable and, ultimately, achievable. We will build on the ideas of others and collaborate across boundaries to bring the best of Microsoft to our customers as one.  We are proud to be part of team Microsoft.”

M Moser engaged a team of technologists, designers, change and cultural experts in dialogue with Microsoft to connect the future work behaviours with the aspirational goals of the Microsoft team to create a cohesive space that informs its new way of working.

Connecting future work behaviours with the 'One Microsoft' goal section

Creating a multipurpose floorplan
for flexible work styles

To achieve the “One Microsoft” goal and agile work environment, we designed a destination neighbourhood concept, giving each team the meeting space, open workstations, “heads down” / focus settings, collaboration areas, and amenity space they previously lacked. We designed the workplace to motivate cross-pollination and facilitate transparency between the engineering, sales group and R&D staff.

As Microsoft needed client engagement areas, spaces for customer sales, and training facilities, we created integrated technology multi-purpose rooms that can serve as both break-out workspaces and as client-focused sales area. Each neighbourhood is fully mobile and has flexible, future-proofed workstations, thus enabling teams to reconfigure the space at will while providing ample room for expansion. MEP and data connections have been placed in each neighborhood to allow for six different pre-design configurations, enabling hundreds of configurations without  the need for additional construction.

Including the senses of touch, smell and sight focused a regional resonance and connected local nature to the design and branding of the space.

Connecting future work behaviours with the 'One Microsoft' goal section
Connecting future work behaviours with the 'One Microsoft' goal section
  • Status Completed
  • Area 40,000 sq-f
  • Completion date 2017
  • Location Raleigh, NC
  • Photographer Eric Laignel


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