Chairman and Founder, Moira Moser was invited to speak at Architects, not Architecture’s Virtual World Tour – Hong Kong Edition. The live virtual discussion explored the life of top architects and AIA Fellows, Moira Moser and William Lim.


Don’t stop. Just keep going and follow your passion.

Moira Moser, Chairman & Founder, M Moser Associates

Moira shared her life journey and what shaped her people-centric approach to architecture. Her global adventures and intercultural experiences inspire the integration and innovation that continues in M Moser today.

During the roundtable discussion, she encouraged young, aspiring architects to chase their passions. Moira also highlighted M Moser’s commitment to people and planet through creating sustainable and progressive workplaces for clients.

As an inspiring message to her 20-year-old self, Moira shared: “Just keep going. That’s what I’ve done all my life. Don’t stop, don’t let things push you back. Don’t think that you’re second rate for any reason. Follow your passion.”

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