Moving forward in our commitment to the design and delivery of universally accessible, inclusive people-centric work environments, we are pleased to be aligned with the Global Universal Design Commission.

This alliance is integral with our living lab practices in Shenzhen, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, London and beyond. These research environments provide healing rooms, natural materials, high flexibility, barrier-free spaces, and support diverse mental health and accessibility needs.

It is our privilege to continue to implement universal, sustainable and comprehensive design best practices and to align with GUDC towards tangibly augmenting inclusive design initiatives for all people.

Dr Christine Bruckner, Director, M Moser Associates
office space design

In cooperation with the GUDC we will advance inclusive innovation in workplace design while implementing and augmenting universal design objectives. It is our continued vision to design and deliver work environments in which all people are considered and can thrive.

As we share insights in line with our progressive living lab concepts, we continue to develop dynamic working environments that support our client’s ESG and Diverse Equity and Inclusion goals to enhance future workplaces.

About GUDC

GUDC aims to promote the understanding and use of Universal Design in the design and development of buildings, products, and environments for all people to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation, retrofitting, or specialized design.

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