Dr Christine Bruckner M Moser

Director, Dr. Christine Bruckner, FAIA, engaged with industry leaders and professionals at  FRAME  Awards 2023 in Shenzhen in her presentation, “Beyond design excellence – infusing meaning through design for people and planet.”

FRAME Awards design event Shenzhen
FRAME LAB speakers Shenzhen 2023

During this interactive session, Dr. Bruckner addressed the need for design to go beyond aesthetics and functionality. She invited the audience to envision and create human-centric spaces that prioritise human wellbeing and environmental stewardship. Exploring this inseparable paradigm, she then addressed each element.

Dr. Bruckner also stressed the deep links between design, nature, health, and sustainability, delving into the potential of spaces to empower individuals while promoting environmental wellbeing. Through discussing these connections, Christine elaborated on how they relate back to critical topics such as DEI (diversity, equity, inclusivity), circular design and resilient environments.

The presentation effectively demonstrated the tangible benefits of integrating specific principles into design projects that enhance the human experience. Additionally, Dr. Bruckner discussed our climate objectives, underscoring how each design choice can significantly influence human wellbeing and environmental health, and our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality in our projects.

Dr. Bruckner speaks at FRAME Awards

In closing, Christine emphasised that design excellence is intrinsically tied to the industry’s duty to preserve the planet and its people. She also encouraged the audience to uphold this responsibility collectively and highlighted practical steps toward a more sustainable future.

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