M Moser North America – Unveiling our latest ESG updates, detailing notable advancements across 36 key initiatives this first quarter.


This quarterly report underscores our commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance across our North American locations. While we acknowledge there’s much more ground to cover, we continue in the pursuit of realising our vision to benefit our employees, our clients and our planet.

Quarterly highlights

  • Active food-sharing programs for waste reduction
  • Reduced waste and energy consumption by removing large printers
  • Standardised non-toxic cleaning products for each office
  • Enhanced inclusive talent acquisition measures
  • Increased region-wide DEI training
  • Additional mental health support programs
  • Organised community service engagements

Our ESG journey has been both enriching and grounding. Each interaction with my colleagues and the committee ignites fresh perspectives, elevating our work with even more meaning. Through humility and shared purpose, we’ve discovered the transformative power of simple actions in our everyday routines, uniting us towards a sustainable future.

Helen Burke, Director, M Moser Associates

As we progress through this transformative journey, navigating challenges and seizing opportunities, these quarterly ESG updates symbolise transparency and accountability. Additionally, we hope they set a noteworthy benchmark for our industry peers to adopt in pursuing a more sustainable and equitable future.

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