Tipalti workplace in Vancouver features a vibrant kitchen painted blue and comfortable benches to lounge or work from.

In celebrating cutting-edge workplace innovation, several of our projects have won across multiple categories of Work Design Magazine’s “The Next Work Environment Competition 2023”. This competition serves as a platform for visionaries worldwide to shape the future of work environments. It offers creative minds a chance to profoundly impact how we work and live.

Human sustainability, health and wellbeing

Our project for Personio in Amsterdam secured an honourable mention in the “Human Sustainability, Health & Well-Being” category. In an era marked by growing concerns about the physical and mental wellbeing of the global workforce, this category reflects innovators who create workspaces that support physical, emotional and cognitive health. The objective is to design environments that empower individuals to thrive and leave work better than they arrived.

M Moser’s completed project for Personio in Amsterdam featuring an open team collaboration area with supportive workplace design. Learn how our team crafted an equitable, adaptive workplace for today's world.

Experimental shared experiences

Our project for VMware in Bangalore won in the “Experimental Shared Experiences” category. This category recognises concepts and designs that transcend traditional boundaries, emphasising bold thinking and innovation over economic considerations. The merit of this award lies in the spatial design of our project, which inspires creativity, encourages collaboration and brings fulfilment to those who use it.

M Moser’s completed project for VMware in Bangalore featuring architectural interventions, the company’s logo and biophilic design. Discover how our teams designed a transformative campus to propel innovation.

Return to office

Our project for Tipalti in Vancouver won in the “Return to Office” category. This category challenges participants to present concepts or completed ideas that inspire employees to return to shared workspaces while promoting positive engagement, professional development, building social capital, and reinforcing organisational culture. Our design strategies include physical elements, design concepts and workplace programs.

M Moser’s completed project for Tiplait in Vancouver featuring a welcoming workplace atmosphere, employee seating lounge and customised artwork. Explore how we united local spirit with this company’s heritage to create a truly unique workplace experience.

Hybrid work environment

Our project for Zynga in Toronto achieved an honourable mention in the “Hybrid Work Environment” category. In an era where the boundaries of when, how and where we work have been forever transformed, this category spotlights innovative technology, forward-thinking policies, transformative designs and pragmatic approaches that integrate remote work with shared offices. This honourable mention recognises solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of individuals and the dynamics of modern work.

M Moser’s completed project for Zynga in Toronto featuring a modular workplace design to support mixed working styles as well as hybrid and remote work. Read more about how our teams utilised purposeful design to drive the next evolution of the hybrid workplace.

Innovation that reimagines the workplace

Our performance in “The Next Work Environment Competition 2023” demonstrates our commitment to reimagining workspaces, fostering wellbeing, promoting shared experiences and embracing the evolving nature of work. These innovative projects inspire future workspaces worldwide to create better, more engaging, sustainable and inclusive environments.

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