Office design for Tipalti in Vancouver by M Moser Associates featuring a repurposed staircase and enjoyable employee experience.

Uniting local spirit with a company's heritage

Tipalti, Vancouver

Tipalti, a global partner in payment automation systems and accounts payable software, engaged us to create a new headquarters that embodies the vibrant essence of British Columbia while celebrating to its heritage. Tasked with establishing a workplace for human connection and attracting new talent, we created a truly unique space. It celebrates the Vancouver lifestyle while seamlessly integrating the return-to-office experience.

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the two-floor project presented exciting challenges and opportunities. It allowed our design teams to unleash their creativity through innovative design solutions. The project’s interior design incorporates local artisans, distinctive materials – and a vibrant colour palette. It masterfully captures the spirit of Vancouver and Tipalti’s corporate identity and values.

At a glance

  1. Incorporating unique design elements that blend local culture with international influences.
  2. Fostering a collaborative and social work environment that reflects Tipalti's culture and values.
  3. Promoting health, wellness and inclusion in a human-centric work environment.
  4. Creating an inspiring brand experience to attract and retain employees and welcome visitors to the local market.
The employee experience is heightened with ample and diverse settings for collaborative and individual work.
Corporate office interior design featuring a colourful, bright kitchen space for breaks and employee interaction.

Crafting an authentic narrative

Unique and innovative design is at the heart of the Tipalti office project. We collaborated with local artisans, showcasing their craftsmanship and bringing a sense of authenticity to the space.

The slip-casted, hand-painted ceramic installations were conceptualised by M Moser and crafted by local ceramicist Tanvi Arora. Tipalti’s journey, a blend of local and international influences, is manifested in the striking, abacus-inspired beads. The installation symbolises the connection between Tipalti’s past and future.

Tanvi Arora in her ceramic studio hand-painting the clay beads for M Moser’s design of Tipalti’s office in Vancouver.
Ceramic bead installation crafted locally by a woman-owned business.

These installations, along with a mural from Jessa Gilbert, form a fusion of artisanal, tailor-made and customised elements. Together, they create a rich and captivating narrative that engages the senses. The result is a stunning tapestry of textures, patterns and colours that weaves Tipalti’s heritage into the fabric of its Vancouver office.

Hand-painted mural by local British Columba artist Jessa Gilbert featuring a beautiful array of colours depicting the North Shore mountains in Vancouver, Canada.

The project also incorporated local British Columbia wood, further enhancing the sense of place, harmony and authenticity.

Large corporate kitchen design by M Moser Associates for 200+ employees featuring brand colors and art installation.

Our vision was to craft a space that transcends borders, embracing the dynamic energy of Vancouver and Tipalti’s rich heritage. We wove together the threads of local culture, international influences and innovative design solutions to create a captivating setting for employees and visitors alike.

Alex Watkins, Senior Design Associate, M Moser Associates
Kitchen interior design in brand colours featuring a wooden countertop and comfortable seating for employees to enjoy their lunch at.

Amplifying corporate identity and culture

Tipalti is known for its family values, fun and easy-going nature, providing a comfortable and inspiring work environment that nurtures growth and encourages collaboration. We translated these characteristics into the physical space, ensuring that each office setting reflects and promotes Tipalti’s unique culture.

Modern office design in Vancouver featuring diverse work settings and high-end office design.

Various settings within the office support the company’s collaborative and social culture. We connected space types for both large social gatherings and small, tight-knit interactions. This was achieved through two large collaborative spaces and social hubs connected by an internal staircase. By balancing open and closed environments, the layout allows for seamless transitions between individual workspaces and intimate communal areas.

Boardroom interior design featuring pleasant natural light, ergonomic chairs and calming colour palette.
Private phone and work room featuring acoustic interventions, comfortable seating and a natural-toned colour palette.
Corporate interior design done by architecture and design service firm M Moser Associates.

Problem-solving through a creative approach

This project encountered its fair share of challenges, ranging from technical difficulties to adherence with outdated building codes. We overcame these obstacles by collaborating with experts in acoustics, engineering and lighting. The existing staircase, originally built to an old code, presented an opportunity for creative repurposing. We retained the structure while revitalising the materials, connecting historic charm with modern aesthetics.

Architectural engineering of repurposed stairway and space planning in a corporate office downtown Vancouver.
Architecture firm in Vancouver’s interior design for a corporate office in the financial district featuring hospitality-inspired setting for employees to relax and work at.

Extensive research and coordination ensured optimal acoustic, lighting and air quality conditions for a healthy and inspiring work environment. Our teams successfully transformed the existing space into a modern, functional, aesthetically pleasing office through careful problem-solving and creative approaches.

Workplace interior design for headquarters in Vancouver featuring a boardroom with a long table, technology for presentations and remote workers, ergonomic furniture and natural light.

Designing for wellbeing and inclusivity

The design of the Tipalti office prioritises health, wellness and DEI elements. A variety of wellness rooms, social spaces and biophilic designs promote employee wellbeing. Abundant natural light streams through the office, with desks strategically positioned along the windows to maximise the benefits of sunlight.

Additionally, the office design caters to diverse working styles and employee needs. It accommodates the needs of neurodiverse employees by incorporating a mix of collaborative areas as well as quiet zones, private rooms and enclosed spaces to encourage productivity and wellbeing.

Wellness spaces in the workplace to promote employee wellbeing throughout the workday.

An inspiring experience for all

Our design for the Tipalti office elegantly addresses the client’s goals and aspirations. The project establishes Tipalti’s presence in Vancouver while capturing the charm and character of its origins. The result is a captivating blend of local and international elements in an environment that pays homage to the company’s heritage while attracting and propelling new talent to take the company into the future.

M Moser creates heightened employee experience with its office design projects that contribute to productivity and innovation.

Through innovative design, we aimed to reinforce new ways of working, embrace emerging trends and signify Tipalti’s position in the market. This project’s dynamic design reflects the changing work landscape and sets the company apart as a leader in its industry.


2023International Interior Design Association (IIDA) People's Choice Award - In Workplace - Mid Size



Completion date





24,000 sq ft


Barry Underhill & Luis Valdizon

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