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The world’s first WELL-certified meditation studio

Bird Meditation, Hong Kong

As a new wellness brand, Bird wanted its first studio to guide visitors towards a state of clarity, focus and awareness. We designed a purposeful journey that positions Bird at the forefront of health and wellness.

The workplace achieves RESET and WELL v1 Gold certifications – a world first for a meditation studio.

At a glance

  1. A user journey designed to demystify meditation practices.
  2. A range of meditation rooms offer immersive experiences to achieve individual serenity.
  3. Wellness details are carefully integrated into the design.
reception space

The central goal for the design was to establish a healing space that supports mental wellbeing. The welcoming entrance is activated by soothing sounds of nature. It offers a gradual transition from the outside environment to a slower-paced atmosphere.

From the outset, the space encourages visitors to slow down and unwind. Seats in the public lounge face views of the nearby mountains. Views which help to quiet the mind by shielding from visual distractions. This space also supports short, personal meditation exercises ahead of scheduled classes. The studio’s soft-curved walls act as a natural guide. It invites visitors into different meditation rooms.

Each meditation room is designed for different comfort levels and familiarity with meditation practices. Visitors may enter one of five environments: a large group studio (Forest), medium studio (Meadow), two small studios (Valley & Hollow), and an individual studio (Nest).

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reception space at bird meditation

Translucent partitions between the lounge and the large ‘Forest’ studio signal transparency. In addition, it maintains a sense of security for people inside the meditation space. The large and medium studios contain their own sound and visual systems and cater to less-experienced meditators. Each room provides soft bench seats with lumbar support, offering people choice of comfort to fit their needs. The ‘Valley’, ‘Hollow’ and ‘Nest’ studios are designed for advanced meditators seeking a customised experience in more intimate settings. ‘Valley’ and ‘Hollow’ can accommodate up to 4 people, including a Bird teacher, while ‘Nest’ offers space for a solo or a 1-on-1 session with its own adjustable lighting system.

As the world’s first WELL-certified meditation centre, Bird’s new studio reflects the importance in today’s world of providing spaces that support mental wellbeing. The design integrates nature-inspired design principles including fresh filtered air, plenty of natural light, circadian lighting, clean water and more. In short, the interior design helps soothe the mind and improve happiness.

people waiting in lounge

The world’s first WELL-certified meditation studio.

Brenda Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Bird
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Completion date



Hong Kong


5,099 sq ft


WELL v1 Gold pre-certified
RESET Air-certified


Grace Lee & Gregory Chan

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