M Moser workplace for Kids2 in Shanghai featuring an open collaboration area.

Innovating a digitally immersive workplace

Kids2, Shanghai

With a goal to make parenthood easier ‘one tiny win at a time’, Kids2 has been inventing baby products for over 50 years. Growing its China operations to attract world-class professionals, Kids2 required a space that would fuel innovation and creativity within its teams, and with external partners.

We prioritised wellness and playfulness for this cross-disciplinary hub. The space houses Kids2’s growing enterprise of entities including a media company, multiple joint ventures and a venture capital arm.

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At a glance

  1. Bringing core brand values into a design-driven workplace.
  2. Creating emotional connections through fond childhood memories.
  3. Nurturing visitor engagement through discreet digital touchpoints.
  4. A healthy, WELL-targeted environment to support sustainable growth.
workspace and meeting room off corridor

Kids2’s community-centric approach inspires the design concept. Bold use of its signature colour, premium materials and tailored detailing brings to life Kids2’s aspiration to be a design-driven company. The WELL-targeted space draws on regional culture to champion brand story. Moreover, strengthens the connection with local customers and partners.

The office design features adaptable work areas with multiple flexible, modular set-ups. This supports different creative activities.

Wayfinding creates distinct signals without sacrificing design. Bold colours juxtapose calming and cosy neutral backgrounds, tailored furniture, and curated brand accessories.

people standing by high table bar
people in meeting room

A ‘playground’ guides the design concept. The workplace features a series of artworks inspired by local scenery known as ‘Joy in the Lane’. Showcasing the brand’s products in Shanghainese Shikumen Lanes, these visual elements help create an emotional connection for local visitors.

Elements from traditional Chinese games including Jianzi, Tuoluo and Kongzhu, have been translated into creative signage and installations. The design decision connects the brand’s international legacy with its commitment to local consumers.

At the front of house, a customised carpet features a map of Shanghai, and lantern-shaped lighting honours Chinese culture. Other items include knot pillows, sponge holders and small food baskets.

M Moser designed the space uniquely to our needs by embracing modernist principles to build a design-driven environment.

David Butler, Chief Growth Officer, Kids2
Comfortable lounge area for employees.

On arrival, visitors enter a lounge set against the spectacular Shanghai skyline. Visitors can capture a selfie that is embedded on the ‘face mosaic’ LED screen. This celebrates each unique visit and the organisation’s philosophy of ‘tiny wins’.  Supporting AR integration, guests can explore brand stories, the latest product prototypes and other digital content.

The showroom is equipped with iPad displays for easy digital access to Kids2’s brand portfolios. A carousel showcase stage showcases a series of products, ranging from entertainers and swings to toys and play mats. Here, flexible lighting, hangers and graphics support the display of products in an adaptable environment.

people collaborating
product display area in workplace


Completion date





6,200 sq ft


WELL v1 Silver


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