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Encouraging workplace engagement through wellness

Covestro, Shanghai

Covestro is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials, dedicated to innovation, sustainability and diversity. Leading up to the relocation of its Shanghai office, the company had been focusing on establishing a new brand identity to reflect its progressive corporate values. We designed Covestro’s new Shanghai office to reflect Care, Choice and Creativity, for an industry-leading environment focused on wellness.

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  1. An extensive change management strategy encouraged staff engagement and a smooth transition into the new space.
  2. Supporting an agile and diverse workplace culture with 100% unassigned seating.
  3. Recognised as the first WELL Gold-certified office in the global chemical industry.
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In relocating its office to the emerging Qiantan Business District, Covestro wanted to ease the change process and support transparent, effective communication. We devised a comprehensive change management plan including interviews and questionnaires, as well as a range of interactive activities including furniture voting, a virtual reality space tour and wellness workshops. These sessions generated a well-rounded staff understanding of the new office environment and vision, and gave us valuable insights for design decisions.

Preliminary discussions revealed Covestro’s desire for an agile workplace with diverse settings to support the business culture. Through quantitative research (storage, space utilisation monitoring and data analysis) and qualitative findings (work pattern observations and workshops), we designed a 100% unassigned seating solution. The workplace extends across five floors. An interior staircase linking the top two floors creates connection by supporting chance encounters. A range of furniture options provide diversity of function and aesthetics, while also meeting flexible work needs. The design features vibrant colours in telephone booths, collaboration areas and open spaces, reinforcing Covestro’s brand values.

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As the first WELL Gold-certified office in the global chemical industry, Covestro’s new Shanghai workplace sets the standard for future-proofed work environments. Stringent requirements have been met for air quality, water, and lighting, as well as addressing physical and mental needs. Height-adjustable tables and standing/bicycle/treadmill desks encourage physical activity. Each floor is equipped with a wellness space including yoga rooms, fitness spaces, meditation areas and a ping-pong room. Breakout and collaboration spaces have access to natural daylight, while floor-to-ceiling windows in the open café create a relaxing atmosphere for gathering and informal collaborations. As a true measure of success for Covestro’s new Shanghai workplace, the design has achieved a 97% satisfaction rate amongst staff.

The design team worked closely with Covestro and our strategy, change management and sustainability specialists at every step of the project to achieve an innovative, agile, and healthy workplace.

Derek Fung, Associate,穆氏 M Moser Associates
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