Creating a versatile, inclusive and collaborative workplace

JCDecaux, Sydney

JCDecaux, a global leader in outdoor advertising, partnered with us to create a new home in Sydney that embodies its global leadership and embraces a progressive and inclusive culture. Our workplace strategy team used in-depth interviews and research to guide the process. The result is a future-proof space that addresses the client’s needs through carbon reductions, space optimisation and budget efficiency.

At a glance

  1. Implementing a robust workplace strategy to analyse the unique needs of the team.
  2. Optimising the floorplate to benefit space utilisation, circularity and cost control.
  3. Creating a human-centric workplace to support collaboration and connection.
  4. Fostering innovation, collaboration and inclusivity.

Defining client goals through workplace strategy

To identify the client’s specific objectives, our multidisciplinary team conducted extensive research, including visioning workshops with key stakeholders, department head interviews and a company-wide online survey. This analysis revealed the desire for an environment that supports collaboration and socialising. The existing office occupancy was as low as 49% at peak time. With staff distributed across five floors, teamwork and connection were being hindered. Our solution focuses on the integration of a central hub to address these needs while enhancing navigation.

Embodying JCDecaux’s brand and culture

Research also revealed that the existing office wasn’t in line with JCDecaux’s brand and values. To address this, we designed a space that truly reflects the company’s global presence and youthful culture, catering to over 80% Gen Z and Millennial staff. The goal was to create an inclusive, future-focused and innovative environment to foster engagement and collaboration.

We implemented flexible, digitally enhanced spaces featuring large screens and whiteboards to enable ideation and teamwork. Mirroring the company’s digital and cooperative culture, the new workspace seamlessly aligns with JCDecaux’s brand while empowering its people to work and grow as a team.

Zoning for new ways of working

JCDecaux’s Sydney team informed us that when attending the office, they spend approximately 50% of their on individual work. With this in mind, we took into consideration individual preferences, while balancing the need for more collaborative space. The workplace now offers a variety of flexible settings, including enclosed meeting rooms, acoustic booths, quiet focus zones and ergonomic workstations with sit-to-stand capability.

Additionally, the dynamic central hub creates a multi-functional space, perfect for company-wide gatherings, client entertainment and more.

JCDecaux worked with M Moser to analyse and refine our workplace strategy, from project brief through to project design and implementation. By identifying current working challenges and analysing our business operations and future vision, the team designed an efficient, dynamic and inclusive working environment at our head office in Sydney.

David Watkins, Chief Financial Officer, JCDecaux Australia & New Zealand


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2,500 sq m / 26,910 sq ft


Andrew Bell

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