Office design by M Moser in Los Angeles for GMB Azoff Company featuring hospitality-driven design elements, comforting furniture and bright, collaborative spaces throughout the open-plan office.

Converting creativity into space for a music industry giant

The Azoff Company, Los Angeles

In the heart of one of the world’s entertainment capitals, Los Angeles, our team completed an office renovation project tailored for Global Music Rights (GMR). The company, a subgroup of The Azoff Company, partnered with us to complete the design, refresh and expansion of distinct zones across its office’s 10th floor. Timeless aesthetics connect with optimal functionality in a one-of-a-kind space for these music industry disruptors.

At a glance

  1. Renovating an office space to connect timeless aesthetics and functionality.
  2. Creating an inviting and collaborative workspace that promotes relationship-building and idea-sharing.
  3. Reflecting the company's aspirations and the dynamic spirit of the entertainment industry.
Corporate kitchen and lounge design at a LA headquarters featuring high design, leather furniture and unique lighting.

A harmonic balance

As a distinguished player in the entertainment industry, The Azoff Company sought to empower its subsidiary, GMR, with a workspace that caters to the intricate needs of the music rights management domain. The goal was to support employee collaboration and community spirit by creating an inviting, futureproof workplace that resounds with warmth and fosters a deep connection to creativity, community and lasting design.

Office interior design for a music industry giant in Los Angeles featuring a brightly lit meeting room, ergonomic office furniture and artwork.
Interior office design featuring a private office filled with natural light, casual seating for meetings, technology and artwork.
High-end interior design for a corporate office featuring a warming colour palette, bench seating and artwork.

Central to the design concept is a modern yet enduring selection of materials, textures and colours. Art, as an intrinsic expression of creativity, also became a defining element of GMR’s new workspace. Collaborating with a local art consultant, we established a rotating art program that symbolises identity and evolution – mirroring the vibrant energy of the entertainment industry.

Our design echoes Azoff’s commitment to excellence, weaving warmth, purpose and community into every corner of the workplace.

Sam Farhang, Director, M Moser Associates

Striking the chords of collaboration

The ‘communal heart’ of the office is a welcoming reception area. Featuring a shared pantry kitchen at the entryway, this space anchors the workplace design with a residential atmosphere. Combined, these elements provide a supportive backdrop for building relationships and sharing ideas.

High-end interior design by M Moser in Los Angeles featuring a marble plinth table, solid wood chair and banquet sofa for private meetings or individual work.
Corporate kitchen design by M Moser in Los Angeles featuring long, family-style table and seating and comfortable nooks or casual working or meetings.

The workspace incorporates executive offices along the perimeter balanced with collaborative bullpen spaces in the interior. Bespoke workstation solutions were developed in partnership with a custom workplace and furniture manufacturer to ensure a unique, distinctive design.

Transforming challenges into opportunity

Midway through the project, a design alteration surrounding the ceiling infrastructure and lighting occurred. This required swift yet careful intervention. Working with our lighting experts, we developed an enhanced lighting scheme that illuminates the space and underscores the design’s aesthetic elements.

By successfully navigating opportunities and challenges, the project establishes a warm, inviting environment that supports wellbeing and purpose. Natural light and greenery are emphasised throughout the space. These elements envelop all participants in an atmosphere that inspires professional collaboration through a sense of camaraderie and shared motivations.

Empowering creativity and connection

Our transformation of GMR’s workspace is a reflection of the company’s aspirations and spirit of creativity. A refuge of inspiration and support for its employees and clients, the space embraces the dynamic nature of the entertainment world. Furthermore, it acts as an extension of Azoff’s commitment to excellence in the industry.

Welcoming reception area design by M Moser featuring a curved desk design made from natural wood.


Completion date



Los Angeles, California


20,000 sq ft


Madeline Tolle