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Encouraging company-wide collaboration

Lenovo, Shanghai

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company headquartered in Beijing. It’s new operational headquarters sits within Lenovo’s own mixed-use development in Shanghai. We created a work environment that encourages Lenovo’s research scientists and corporate staff to collaborate, all within a space that reflects the brand’s look-and-feel.

At a glance

  1. An ‘inside-out’ design approach connects architecture and interiors.
  2. The design addresses function and creates a distinctive form.
  3. Strong visual connections tie Lenovo to its surroundings.
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For Lenovo’s new headquarters, we developed an ‘inside-out’ approach to create a state-of-the-art complex in Shanghai. The expansion project reimagined Lenovo’s current campus as a canvas that blurs the lines between architecture and the internal workplace environment. Our team of architects and engineers worked closely with Lenovo’s end users and project teams to design the new facility. The complex includes a newly built 54,000 sq m space, above and below ground, connected to the existing campus building.

Lenovo’s high-tech product lines inspired the design of the external building envelope. Interior spaces offer a series of unique natural landscape experiences on each floor. The campus towers are aligned to visually connect with the surrounding community. Copper-aluminium alloy fins on the façade sit at right angles to the horizon to control glare and solar gain. An internal courtyard blends the complex with its surroundings.

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The Lenovo campus is a benchmark development in Shanghai’s ZhangJiang Jitech zone with access to light rail and metro, a retail storefront and financial services outlets. With urban conveniences and access to nature within a new high-tech zone, the space connects employees inside and outside the workplace.

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office design and build
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