A human-centric destination to support a progressive vision

Multinational technology company, Bengaluru

One of the leading multinational technology companies engaged us to reimagine its Bengaluru workplace. It needed a space that would promote collaboration, innovation and wellness while encouraging staff to return to the office. Aligning with the company’s mission to create world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet, we designed this human-centric, future-proof office.

At a glance

  1. An inspiring workplace that boosts creativity and collaboration
  2. A high-tech workplace that enhances performance
  3. Human-centered design that prioritises wellbeing and sustainability
  4. A captivating office that reflects the company’s progressive identity

The new facility houses 2,000 employees and offers cutting-edge, inclusive, sustainable design solutions. Inspired by landscapes across India, the office scheme expresses dualism and synergy by exploring interactions between technology and nature.

A customised layout

One of the challenges of this project was combining several labs into a single facility. To support the high density of equipment and hardware, we strengthened the second-floor slab and strategically located the lab on that level. This layout facilitated the movement of equipment and materials throughout the space.

Building a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere

The journey begins in the reception area with a ‘naturescape’ theme combining biophilic features and layered topographical motifs. The cafeteria on the first floor uses a ‘gardenscape’ concept to encourage staff to refresh and relax.

The arrival hubs on each floor feature a ‘welcoming work-café’ look-and-feel – a meeting point for socialising and collaboration. Additionally, technology supports seamless connectivity between in-house and remote employees.

A people-first workplace

Collaborative corners, informal meeting spaces, and work-friendly areas enable staff to move away from traditional desk-bound work setups. Yoga rooms, a gym and a clinic emphasise a ‘health first’ culture. This new multinational technology company’s new workplace achieved LEED Gold certification, thanks to the reduced environmental impact of the design.

The new campus has achieved its objective of encouraging employees to return to the office by creating a cosy and welcoming space that promotes collaboration, innovation, and wellness.



Completion date





450,000 sq ft



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