M Moser’s design for NerdWallet’s new office in San Francisco features a work environment that supports a remote-heavy and hybrid workforce.

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NerdWallet, San Francisco

NerdWallet is a personal finance website and app based in San Francisco. It provides consumers with trustworthy and knowledgeable financial information so they can make smart money moves. The relationship was initiated through our 2020 webinar series. This introduction led to multiple discussions with our strategy team for the design of NerdWallet’s new office.

The company had decided to significantly decrease the footprint of its existing 70,000 sq ft workplace to 30,000 sq ft. This was in response to the company’s pre-pandemic decision to strategically downsize its office footprint and move to a remote-first, hybrid work model. Our team designed and built the project to address upgrade and space programming objectives. The result is an environment where employees thrive both in and outside the office.

At a glance

  1. Provide a people-centric and hybrid-oriented workplace with forward-thinking solutions and upgrades to align with the company’s values and mission.
  2. Consider reuse and sustainability initiatives while customising and branding an existing, subleased space.
  3. Enable flexibility for different activities, events and work modes.
  4. Forge a culture of collaboration through a vibrant work environment.
  5. Optimise the workplace for performance, health and wellbeing.

Revitalising a space to reflect culture and brand

Through strategy and planning exercises, our team identified specific areas in the two-floor, subleased premises which included a roof deck. We re-envisioned NerdWallet’s new office to reflect the company’s culture and brand, meet its needs and create a space to call home.

Even though our narrative is remote first, M Moser created a work environment that enables our employees to succeed. Whether they are in the office, hybrid or remote, they can reach their maximum potential. By doing so, they transformed our floors into a comfortable and welcoming home for NerdWallet employees.

Dakota Blakely, Head of Real Estate & Workplace Services at NerdWallet
Repurposing an existing office space in San Francisco, M Moser reused many elements of the space to reflect NerdWallet’s culture and brand.

We defined each ‘neighbourhood’ to support different functions, choosing unique furniture to optimise each space and allow for flexibility. Floor 10 provides focus, inspiration and collaboration areas, while Floor 11 is an energetic, collaborative and social event space. The roof deck offers a luxurious, calm and natural environment. Here, people can relax, host events and take in the views of the San Francisco skyline.

Interior design for an office featuring collaborative and individual work settings in a unique library atmosphere.

Our design aligns with the company’s creative and innovative ethos, empowering people to participate, connect and explore.

Supporting a remote-heavy workforce

Forerunners to remote and hybrid work styles, the company had a dispersed workforce even before the pandemic. In support of this effort, NerdWallet has always encouraged strong engagement amongst its diverse teams in North America. Given the client’s brief and values, it was crucial to ideate various approaches to the design of NerdWallet’s new office.

To enhance user experience, we focused on revitalising individual work points, open and semi-closed co-working zones and technology-equipped areas. This results in a fully connected environment that supports the company’s ways of working.

Innovative office design that brings in elements of plants and living walls to improve the employee experience in the office.
Office hospitality ideas by M Moser for a corporate headquarters in San Francisco featuring collaborative areas that inspire community building in the office.

Repurposing an existing space

Throughout the project, it was essential to balance design quality with cost. This challenged us to think creatively and sustainably to develop a new look and feel.

In line with these efforts, as well as NerdWallet’s sustainability initiatives, adaptive reuse became a guiding focus throughout this project. Having intentionally chosen never to build an office from scratch, NerdWallet’s mantra is to reuse as much as possible in its existing spaces.

We repurposed a variety of furniture pieces. Existing desks, workstations, task chairs, high tops, barstools, coffee tables, bookshelves and lounge seating took on updated roles in the redesigned space. Additionally, we chose to reupholster existing banquettes in the company’s brand colours, giving them a new lease on life. Finally, we restored most of the existing carpet and only replaced the damaged tiles. This approach decreases its footprint, reduces construction waste and displays the company’s environmentally conscious nature.

Adaptive reuse project by M Moser for a corporate office featuring a micro-kitchen design that reflects brand elements.
The best office layout for collaboration featuring a hospitality-driven design with long family-style tables and banquet seating.

The design creates a coherent experience. As a result, each space feels symbiotic, localised and connected.

Bringing nature closer

The open floor plan features private phone booths, meeting rooms, ergonomic workstations and activity-based areas. Biophilic elements are visible throughout the workplace. These include planters as dividers, clusters of large tropical plants, preserved moss walls and living walls. Incorporating lush greenery and living plants further accentuates the brand’s principal colour: fresh green. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety and improves the employee experience.

Workplace interior design featuring a branded entrance to a corporate office with a living wall and welcoming biophilic elements.

Promoting collaboration, connection and inclusivity

NerdWallet’s new office encourages higher levels of interaction between employees. We achieved this by using furniture to define where individual and deep work zones mix seamlessly with open collaboration areas. As a result, each public and shared space cultivates collaboration and promotes learning with greater inclusivity.

M Moser designed creative solutions aligned with our organisation’s values & goals. Their team produced a beautiful workplace that encourages collaboration and connection.

Dakota Blakely, Head of Real Estate & Workplace Services at NerdWallet
Sustainable office design project by M Moser cuts down construction waste by reusing materials and office furniture.

By understanding NerdWallet’s vision and objectives, we integrated cohesive spaces tailored to company needs within an existing floorplan. In NerdWallet’s new office, strong space types and concepts reflect its mission to support its employees and improve the user experience. This unique office space is a great example of successfully reflecting company values and goals while enabling employees to thrive.



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