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Moët Hennessy Diageo, Kuala Lumpur

In relocating its workplace in Kuala Lumpur, Moët Hennessy Diageo (MHD) needed a modern and technology-driven environment. Following the success of a long-lasting partnership, the company engaged us to express its business motto, “Celebrating life, every day, everywhere”, through a new, collaborative and vibrant office design.

At a glance

  1. Expressing company branding and heritage while informing and inspiring staff.
  2. Creating a flexible, people-centric office design that supports mental and physical health.
  3. Integrating technology to bring to life a high-performance and sustainable workplace.
bar in kuala lumpur

Enabling collaboration through design

MHD’s new office design promotes creativity, collaboration and productivity while supporting wellbeing. Moving away from traditional desk-bound offices, the space supports flexible working. Assigned desks, hot desks and free stations provide a productive and dynamic atmosphere. The Bar is the focal point – a spacious, social, activated space that supports bonding and connection.

open work area

Bringing to life a vibrant brand destination

This workspace draws inspiration from an “Atrium of Light” concept, incorporating brand elements and functionality. By integrating design elements that play with the flow of light, this scheme enhances the ambiance and elevates the overall experience for users. Full-height glass walls and luxurious suspended lights offer striking views of the city skyline.

office design for MHD

Additionally, the open layout promotes collaboration and creativity. A central coffee nook for ideation features local decorative elements like rattan lighting. Workspaces along the window line take advantage of scenic views and natural light from the glass façade. Contrasting colours and textures distinguish the work area from the main walkway – a visual guide to navigate the workspace.

pantry and work areas

Putting health and wellness at the centre

Health and wellness are vital to this office design for MHD. We thoughtfully integrated ergonomic furniture and greenery throughout the space. The layout encourages movement and collaboration while elevating mood. Moreover, the office features height-adjustable desks, additional monitors, and an airflow regulation system.

workplace pantry
office design for MHD

Creating a sustainable office design for MHD

As a global industry leader with numerous iconic “maisons”, MHD is committed to creating highly sustainable workplaces. Overall, this new office design in Kuala Lumpur improves energy efficiency and reduces environmental impact. To achieve LEED certification, we incorporated indoor greenery, organic materials, natural light and more.

workplace open office

Integrating technology for flexibility and productivity

Interactive touch TVs, video conferencing systems and wireless collaboration tools boost productivity and streamline workflow. Docking stations, additional monitors and a booking system simplify ways of working. An energy-efficient motion sensor lighting system and automated roller blinds enable staff to adjust natural light and regulate energy consumption.

workplace meeting room
workplace boardroom
workplace bar


Completion date



Kuala Lumpur


7,000 sq ft


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