Paypal Beijing office design

Fostering an engaging culture through brand identity

PayPal, Beijing

Established in 1998, PayPal was founded to empower people and businesses across the globe to connect and exchange value seamlessly. As part of expanding its operations in China, the company needed a new office in Beijing. Following a long-lasting global partnership, we extended our collaboration to create a dynamic, collaborative and characterful space. The new PayPal, Beijing office design drives brand awareness, connects with local culture and attracts new talent.

At a glance

  1. Forging a strong connection between the brand and local culture.
  2. Optimising the space to enable collaboration.
  3. Fostering an engaging office experience.

Bridging the brand and localisation gap

The project needed to reflect the company’s mission and vision, maintaining global design standards while reflecting the city’s unique characteristics. Therefore, we used warm and neutral colours to create a sense of openness. At the same time, we fused brand elements – such as PayPal’s iconic logo – with features that evoke Beijing’s landmarks.

Open space Paypal Beijing
Greenery and artwork workplace
Modern interiors workplace China

We installed a bricked partition inspired by the Great Wall of China behind the front desk. This faces a living green wall and features an expansive window that looks out onto the city’s skyline. A sure-fire way to create a memorable first impression.

entrance reception Paypal Beijing

Evolving a workplace to cultivate cooperation

Our brief was to create an office design that embodies what PayPal is all about: collaboration, inclusivity, innovation and wellness. So, we decided to organise the workplace around an open plan to encourage cooperation and connection.

However, adapting the pre-existing space to meet PayPal’s needs was one of the challenges posed by the project. The architectural framework presents columns, and our goal was to reflect the brand’s core values through an open space. Our experts carefully transformed the columns into biophilic elements and integrated them into the design to expand interiors and tackle space limitation problems. Additionally, nature improves the aesthetics of the environment while boosting people’s wellbeing.

Collaborative office design China
Beijing skyline workplace interiors
Paypal brand design office

Every detail of this office design is human-centric. Common areas and collaborative spaces bring people together and foster connection. The cafeteria on the 14th floor features movable furniture, allowing the space to flex and adapt to host town hall meetings.

Collaboration room office design Paypal Beijing

Levelling up the office experience to engage people

One of the project’s objectives was to build a workplace where people feel they belong. To reinforce the staff bond, we commissioned a local artist to create customised mural artwork.

Brand office design Paypal
Greenwall elegant office design Paypal China
Mural art details workspace

On the wall, traditional symbols blend with modern neon art, forming an inspiring, vibrant and eclectic atmosphere. The use of Beijing’s iconic symbols, bricks, and tiles throughout the space address belonging while a diverse, open design supports inclusivity. This PayPal Beijing office design is a fun and engaging experience that reflects the city’s unique characteristics in conjunction with the brand ethos.

Paypal Beijing wall patterns and art

Built on a conscious understanding of PayPal’s corporate culture, this project bridges the brand and localisation gap in a collaborative and dynamic office. We’re excited to continue supporting PayPal’s growth and the success of its people in new markets.

Paypal Beijing open office design

Thanks to PayPal for taking us on a virtual walk of the new workplace.

Artwork by Nini Sum.




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50,450 sq ft


Vitus Lau

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