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Reinvigorating workplace culture to enhance innovation

PayPal, Bengaluru

After collaborating with online payment company PayPal on numerous projects across the globe, we were engaged to design and build the company’s 330,000 sq ft workplace relocation project in Bengaluru. The new office not only reflects PayPal’s brand, but supports key staff behaviours of collaboration, innovation, wellness, and inclusion.

At a glance

  1. Capturing the essence of a Californian tech start-up in a space that supports entrepreneurial working. habits.
  2. Indian-inspired street art locates the space within its cultural setting and supports brand identity.
  3. Developing the workplace as a resource to attract and retain talent.
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Recapturing the energy and creativity of PayPal’s early start-up days, the space is inspired by the company’s origins as a Californian tech company. At the core of the office sits a small incubation area for hosting start-up ventures. Here, amphitheatre style seating encourages innovators to connect and collaborate. Nearby, a designated ‘Innovation Lab’ supports the development of new technologies, and the ‘Experience Research Centre’ is a space for analysing customer perceptions to develop business strategy.

The rest of the workspace houses the online payments technology team across two floors, and the customer support team across four floors. Tech start-up design elements including ping pong tables, vibrant colours, and bold textures. A loft area contains plush sofas and custom art created in concert with a Californian art consultant and a range of local Indian street artists. Art is used to connect the brand to local culture and engage internal teams through emotion and storytelling.

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A key goal for the workplace was to serve as a resource to attract and retain talent. To answer this, we designed all eight floors in line with PayPal’s entrepreneurial, diverse culture. Inclusion and wellness are central guideposts –  diverse workstyles and space types feature throughout. Inspired by residential design, the workplace offers a welcoming, cosy experience. A world-class cafeteria serves 24/7, and a roof terrace with a cricket pitch doubles as a yoga area. The space provides access to natural light and greenery supporting productivity and mood. There are also dedicated areas for rest. Informal settings encourage interaction and teamwork, to support innovation. Breakout areas with AV provisions and stepped seating offer a place for informal team sessions, training, or casual conversation.

The project was delivered from design through to construction for a remotely located client. The team carefully managed construction activities while the first floors remained in operation. The schedule was broken into three phases and adjusted to evenings and weekends for minimal disruption. Live-feed cameras were installed to share ongoing progress with the client.

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Our new Bengaluru facility is a way for us to send out a clear signal to the market – we are here, we are hiring in big numbers, come and join us.

Guru Bhat, VP Customer Success Platform, GM, PayPal - India
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