Interior office design by M Moser featuring workspace variety including meeting rooms, individual task zones and collaboration areas.

Designing an agile headquarters to support a range of workflows

Confidential Financial Services Firm, New York

A leading global provider of risk and financial advisory solutions needed to design a new workplace environment to support a range of workflows. Our team was directly appointed to provide strategy, agile office design, engineering and construction management services for its New York City headquarters relocation project.

The company had undergone a series of mergers and acquisitions over the past few years. They wanted to connect workplace strategy, standards, behaviours and brand expression to its global workplace strategy. Our team developed transformative, agile solutions to meet these overarching goals.

At a glance

  1. Design a new workplace environment based on established guidelines.
  2. Provide variety and choice in work settings, using tools and technology to enable fluid, agile work.
  3. Increase flexibility and functionality with enhanced connection points to promote evolving workstyles.
  4. Capture the company’s dedication to sustainability and social responsibility.
  5. Define a process to reduce the costs of real estate projects and their operations.

Supporting new ways to work

A variety of multifunctional spaces encourage new behaviours within the workplace. In this agile environment, individuals and teams can choose where, when and how they do their best work. Mobile within ‘team neighbourhoods’, employees have a choice of task-oriented spaces to support various work activities and modes. Flex zones act as buffer points between neighbourhoods to increase flexibility and circulation, allowing people to move between spaces.

Unique workplace zone featuring a small library and comfortable chairs for employee interaction and rest throughout their workday.
Hospitality-driven interior office design by M Moser in New York featuring comfortable booth seating for individual or heads-down work.
A multi-functional workplace design featuring modular furniture and whiteboards as well as booth seating.
Office design in New York featuring how space can be broken up by inserting smaller meeting rooms and offices.

Staff have a choice of spaces to support a variety of work activities and work modes so that they can perform at their best.

Lead designer, M Moser Associates

By introducing desk sharing and offering 1:1.5 seats per person, we created room for organic headcount growth. To manage the shift in workplace culture, the company implemented a change management programme.

The large café doubles as a social hub and flexible work environment with various collaborative and individual spaces. Technology supports a variety of work needs and functions outside the typical workspace. A customer experience centre acts as a multifunctional town hall event space for client engagements and internal meetings.

Multi-purpose café-style seating in the office where employees can work, relax and sip coffee during their breaks.
Large café design by M Moser featuring lots of space for meetings, lunch or a casual work setting.
Small kitchenette design and break room.
Large boardroom and customer experience centre design by M Moser Associates featuring technology and ergonomic office chairs.

Making sustainability inherent

With a global sustainability program in place, the company has certified 50 of its offices, including New York. This commitment starts at the design and development stage and continues throughout the entire project lifecycle.

We sought to ensure a consistent employee and client experience while creating greater value from a reduced floor plate. This new ‘agile office’ design sets the benchmark for the company’s global workplaces. Offering greater flexibility, it reduces the environmental impact of travel and minimises the company’s global footprint.

Interior office design by M Moser featuring workspace variety including meeting rooms, individual task zones and collaboration areas.

An integrated design and delivery process

M Moser tackled this project using an integrated approach. We significantly reduced costs and increased efficiencies. We did this by bringing together the design, technology, workplace and implementation teams early in the process. As a result, we provided the company with cost certainty by coordinating between strategy, design and construction teams from the outset.

A series of options allowed us to stay true to the design concept while sticking to the budget. We also managed risk to the programme by securing early orders on design elements with long lead times. Our teams delivered this new workplace by creating a clear path to develop the project’s overall scope. This environment is designed to enable employees to have more flexibility while also improving business efficiencies.

Inviting entryway interior design featuring mixed materials and comfortable furniture.


Completion date



New York


90,000 sq ft


Aaron Thompson

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