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A cultural shift to build more meaningful relationships

Pernod Ricard, Hong Kong

Pernod Ricard is one of the world’s leading premium spirits companies. For its Asia headquarters, the company wanted to introduce new ways of working, bringing its personality and culture to life with a more socially connected and immersive brand experience. We introduced a design-build solution to create a progressive environment that emphasise this mission.

At a glance

  1. The design emphasises Pernod Ricard’s identity as a ‘creator of conviviality’ with a connected user journey.
  2. Visual design elements from the company’s iconic products bring staff closer to the brand.
  3. Flexible furniture configurations, biophilic design principles and expansive windows create a healthy workplace.
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Downsizing by 33% from one and a half floors to a single floor, Pernod Ricard wanted to shift the narrative away from reducing space to exploring the benefits of this change with staff. Our change management experts initiated a comprehensive change campaign focused on ‘conviviality’, with workshops, group discussions, email newsletters and information kiosks to generate excitement and engagement. Addressing different levels of tech knowledge, we organised training sessions on the new, cutting-edge digital solutions, including facial recognition, guest check-in management, meeting room booking systems, and sit-stand desks.

people working in open plan workplace
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Because Pernod Ricard is in the business of selling ‘moments of conviviality’, a key goal was to create meaningful human connections, with the front of house at the centre of all celebrations. The workplace speaks to the company’s culture and brings pride to hosting guests and in-house events. The central front-of-house bar has casual and upscale look-and-feel in line with the company values of promoting open and direct relationships. The nearby training room has sliding acoustic doors for quietness when closed, and liveliness when fully open. Opportunities to connect are extended throughout with various open, collaborative zones.

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One of our key objectives was to bring in visual elements from Pernod Ricard’s most iconic brands with distinct patterns and decors, while remaining subtle. Colours, adjusted lighting, furniture, and accessories in meeting rooms are a reminder of the unique brand identities while supporting people’s needs.

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Inspired by the hospitality industry’s mantra of welcoming guests, Pernod Ricard wanted its new office to offer choice and create a sense of familiarity and comfort. All meeting rooms are positioned around the core of the floor plan, bringing maximum natural light into the social hubs and working areas. Flexible configurations including sit-stand desks, and fitness and yoga equipment and green walls provide a health conscious environment. Overall, the new headquarters improves opportunities to build deeper, meaningful relationships with customers and between employees.

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