Using brand values to connect a community

Twilio, Sydney

As a front-runner in the global technology and communication sector, Twilio needed a workplace that would demonstrate its foundational principles while inspiring people to thrive. We were engaged to conceptualise a new space that celebrates Twilio’s values of authenticity, empowerment and inclusivity.

At a glance

  1. A workplace to empower future employees to thrive and grow.
  2. Supporting collaboration, functionality and connection through design.
  3. Focusing on culture and wellbeing to attract people back to the office.

Building a future-proof, dynamic and collaborative space

After gathering insights into the client’s expectations, the goal was to offer a multifaceted work environment that would support more flexible working styles. Connectivity was key. So, our team created tech-enabled, dynamic zones designed for collaboration, efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, structured neighbourhoods allow people to mould spaces in line with diverse work requirements.

Adaptable and flexible workplace design

Shaping an inclusive and inspiring workplace

The main goal was to support the team with a welcoming and compassionate workplace. To achieve this, we established five core values for the project: “Be inclusive, Be empowering, Be real, Don’t settle, Celebrate human-centricity.”

The design concept promotes equity, accessibility and productivity by providing a variety of work-settings. This includes sit-stand desks, focus rooms for concentration, high tables for informal meetings and tech-enabled collaboration areas. The front of house area features casual seating, acoustic phone-booths for calls, and an open area with adaptable furniture that can be rearranged to suit specific tasks.

Fusing nature and brand to connect a community

The design concept uses a combination of Twilio’s global branding and graphics alongside elements that root the space in the local context. This creates a familiar and uplifting atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from the Australian landscape, the breakout space features natural colours to represent water, and local flora and fauna such as the iconic eucalyptus tree.

Australia graphic design and inclusivity
brand experience office wall graphic

Daylight enhances the nature-inspired ambience, while features like the social café and games area keep the team engaged and connected. This blend of local elements fosters a strong sense of belonging and community.



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7300 sq ft


Toby Peet

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