Workplace interior design by M Moser in New York City for a leading financial service firm featuring an amenity space linked to a boardroom.

A hub for collaborative innovation

Leading financial services firm, New York

Expanding on a global relationship that began with an award-winning project in Mumbai, our teams undertook a transformative project for this leading financial services firm’s venture capital and crypto division. The goal was to create a dynamic workplace that celebrates the brand while fostering creativity, innovation and collaboration.

At a glance

  1. Transforming a workspace into a hub for creativity, innovation and collaboration while aligning with brand and business goals.
  2. Balancing corporate identity with modern elements.
  3. Supporting employee wellbeing through acoustic interventions and optimised lighting solutions.

Conceptualising excellence

The client’s vision centred on a workspace that could accommodate its daily operations while acting as a hub for meetings, events and partnerships with technology leaders and entrepreneurs. This concept pushed the boundaries of conventional office design and spurred our team to think outside the box.

M Moser transformed a workspace into a hub for creativity, innovation and collaboration and elevated the employee experience with a large patio that offers various work and meeting settings.
Interior design project by M Moser in NYC featuring a layout that aligns with the client's brand and business goals.

Designing the future of work

Our suite of integrated services, including architecture and interior design, were pivotal in shaping the project’s success. We meticulously considered emerging workplace trends and the evolving landscape of work. This approach ensured that the final design would stand the test of time.

An indoor-outdoor experience featuring expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and an expansive view of New York City.

The workspace is a unique canvas with floor-to-ceiling glass, offering sweeping city views. Aligning with the client’s need for hosting and collaboration areas, we designed a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This design creates a fluid connection between the interiors and a spacious terrace – a dynamic environment for formal meetings and casual gatherings.

Architectural solutions

Connecting the boardroom to the pantry and the exterior terrace emphasises flexibility and outdoor access. We modified the outer glass curtain wall to accommodate a cantilevered pergola extending from the reception area. We added a door and steel beams as structural support and electrical infrastructure for lighting. Ensuring safety on the terrace was paramount, prompting us to carefully consider entrances and exits, as well as adequate lighting for evening events.

An outdoor patio area for employee breaks offering various seating options and beautiful views of downtown New York.
M Moser’s architecture design for an office in New York City featuring a cantilevered pergola fit with lighting for events.

A balanced design

Our design strategy blends traditional, high-end finishes with a more modern, edgy touch. Materials played a vital role throughout the project. We introduced warm wood tones to balance the aesthetic and create an inviting atmosphere. We implemented thoughtful ceiling and lighting choices throughout. A perforated gypsum ceiling enhances acoustics for a productive and comfortable environment. These designs create an atmosphere that resonates with diverse working styles and the architectural elegance of the building.

Office interior design by M Moser featuring a comfortable meeting room for clients and guests.

Our team focused on optimising lighting for virtual meetings while harnessing the benefits of natural light from the expansive windows. On-site mock-ups were a key component of our design process to guarantee the best possible lighting solutions.

Embracing wellbeing

Beyond workspace functionality, our team prioritised employee wellbeing. The wellness room is designed as a sanctuary and offers a calming retreat. Plenty of natural light and essential amenities create a space that nurtures physical and emotional needs.

Where innovation meets workplace

This project captures the essence of collaborative innovation, transforming ideas into inspiring spaces.



Completion date



New York City


11,250 sq ft


Aaron Thompson

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