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Elevating staff wellbeing through sensory design and technology

XTX Markets, Paris

XTX Markets is a leading algorithmic trading firm.

We were approached to help the business expand its presence in mainland Europe, with a new Paris office in the prestigious Triangle D’or district.

At a glance

  1. Supporting business expansion into mainland Europe with a new Paris office.
  2. Pioneering workplace technology to support staff wellbeing and maximise office performance.
  3. Elevating the brand experience through every touchpoint.

Global capability with local experience

Our brief was to create an inclusive and collaborative workplace for a growing workforce.

XTX needed a partner with human-centric design knowledge and local French expertise. Our international design experience and Parisian base meant we could hit the ground running.

Before acquiring the Paris office, we provided XTX with due diligence services to ensure its new space would fulfil current and future business needs.

XTX Markets Paris, meeting room
XTX Markets Paris, Eiffel Tower view
XTX Markets Paris, entrance signage

Designing a place to ‘work, recharge and be XTX’

XTX Markets leverages bright, inquisitive minds to keep it at the forefront of their industry. The new location needed to represent the brand by connecting to its other global offices, but also feel unique.

We designed a considered workspace that supports creativity and collaboration, whilst recognising the importance of downtime.

The office is split across two floors:

  • Staff need to concentrate on deeply focused work. ‘La Galerie’ on level 8 features a mixture of private workstations, meeting rooms and areas to collaborate and connect. The nearby ‘L’antichambre’ provides a space for staff to unwind and problem-solve.
  • ‘Les Arcades’ on level 9 is a relaxing, playful space that doubles as a place to host guests. It also features ‘Le Club’, a social area featuring an extensive wine cellar and a telescope looking out towards the Eiffel Tower. ‘La Terrasse’ is another social space for staff to connect, relax and enjoy the views across Paris.

The workspace design encourages people to explore and enjoy the freedom and views around them. A space to work, recharge and ‘be XTX’.

XTX Markets Paris, communal tea point

Wellbeing through technology

Our technology and engineering teams worked closely with XTX to design a pioneering space. An environment to keep employees healthy, safe and well so they can focus on doing their best work.

A best-in-class integrated BMS (Building Management System) includes 26 intelligent IoT sensors, recording air quality, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), occupancy, temperature, humidity and noise levels. All of these can be automated and adjusted. Other wellbeing features include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors, Upper Room Ultraviolet Air Disinfection fixtures, adaptive lighting and shading systems acoustic treatments, innovative ventilation, plus heating and cooling panels.

XTX Markets Paris, small meeting room

Additionally, the dashboard by the lobby showcases the digital twin, displaying data gathered by the BMS. The visual style links to the company’s role as a leading market trader. By looking at these data, staff can choose a workspace that best suits their needs.

We appreciate the nuance in what people need from their work environment. Recognising this, we’ve designed the office to provide control over environmental settings, enabling people to align the space to their comfort levels.

Our Paris office features brand-new innovations and immersive designs that captivate and inspire our team. Our pioneering building management system allows us not only to create the ideal work environment for our staff but to monitor our energy consumption.

Geoffrey Damien, CEO, XTX Markets France
XTX Paris, downtime and meeting room
XTX Markets Paris lounge bar area
XTX Markets Paris games area

A sensory experience

XTX wanted to create a workspace inspired by space, sci-fi, mathematics and algorithms. We achieved this by maximising breathtaking views of Paris and partnering with inspiring local artists and engineers.

An interactive wall in the lobby and an infinity box with mirrors and neon lights in the server room represent liquidity and movement.

Despite relatively low ceilings, we created a sense of space with careful design choices. For example, the ceiling above the kitchen features the moon’s surface. A strategically placed ceiling mirror adds depth and reflects the bustling streets of Paris, further enhancing the overall ambience.

XTX Markets Paris server light art
XTX Markets Paris phonebooth
XTX Markets, Paris terrace views

XTX’s Paris office strikes the balance between work and relaxing to foster creativity and collaboration amongst the team. Supporting the business’ expansion in Paris, the space uses pioneering workplace technology to enhance wellbeing and optimise office performance.

XTX Markets Paris terrace view


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6,000 sq ft


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