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For over 40 years, we’ve focused on creating office spaces that bring out the best in people. Designing offices is where we started and its key to who we are. It’s taken us beyond the realms of the physical, digital and social workplace, to innovation centres, labs, hospitals, schools and more.

We believe that every workplace should enable businesses and people to achieve their full potential. It’s why we continue to experiment and innovate. Because office design isn’t just about how and where we work, but about what the future looks like. For the office, the home and everything in between. The world of work is shifting like never before – it’s time to set the pace.

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Our office design process

  • Step 1: Preparation & brief
    We start by taking a detailed project brief for your office design. Then we’ll do a site visit, building survey and virtual space capture. The MEP brief, due diligence and gap analysis follow. After that, we’ll get together for a visioning session to discuss your workplace.


  • Step 2: Concept design
    We review the design intent with you. Then we do a test fit, which involves putting together an office floorplan to ensure it meets your needs. After that, we start developing the concept design look and feel. We’ll finalise the layout and submit permits for approval, then arrange a feedback session with you.


  • Step 3: Design & development
    Developing a 3D model and a visualisation helps bring your office design to life. Then we create an architectural design pack with finishes and samples. After setting a programme for key dates and budget alignment, we’ll present all this back to you and get your approval.


  • Step 4: Technical design
    We gather all your office design feedback and reconvene for a page turn. This means reviewing the blueprints and design documents page by page. We’ll coordinate and check that there aren’t any clashes. Then we create detailed construction drawings and align 3D models with feedback. We’ll share all of this with you in a final presentation.


  • Step 5: Handover & aftercare
    We’ll continue to manage and monitor your site. This involves coordinating subcontractors, running workshops and getting shop-drawings approved. We’ll look for snagging, do quality checks and collate “As-built” information. Then we’ll introduce you to our “Day Two” team. We’ll finish up with a project learning session to review your office design with the whole team.
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Next, we outline some of the top people-centric design considerations for creating a new office:

  • Sustainable office design

Creating sustainable office design is an essential part of our ethos. We practice environmental-friendly concepts in our own offices and also strive to do the same for our global clients to support responsible business growth.

  • Inclusive office design

Inclusive office design must consider areas of diversity such as age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, race, ethnicity and more. It contributes to every facet of an organisation, including innovation, leadership, brand and the bottom line.

  • Hybrid working

As many organisations transform their real-estate strategies in response to shifting demands, hybrid working offers adaptable workplace solutions. Learn more about the benefits this agility can bring.