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Human-centric design that transforms the way people work

Whether your project involves one office or a full portfolio, an effective workplace strategy supports business objectives and brand vision. High-performance work environments create a positive employee experience and help build resilience.

At M Moser, we engage clients in a holistic conversation about people, culture and performance. Once we understand your goals and needs, we create strategies to design workplaces that inspire innovation and drive success.

Working hand-in-hand with our design and delivery leads, our strategists create an integrated plan that efficiently accomplishes project goals, including:

  • Managing workplace change
  • Comprehensive design
  • Technology
  • Sustainability and wellness
  • Brand experience
  • Delivery

We believe in client collaboration and work closely with both leadership and employees to collect data and validate premises that are critical to a project’s success.

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More and more enterprises wish to strengthen their unique culture and enhance employees’ sense of belonging and identity. M Moser has been addressing this goal in both our strategy services thinking and actual workplace projects.

Lawrence Lok, Workplace Strategy Director, M Moser Associates
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Our comprehensive services include:

  • Catalysing change in organisations and enabling workplace transformation
  • Engaging employees in the process to enhance culture and improve morale
  • Supporting organisational values such as innovation and sustainability
  • Helping business leaders make faster, more informed decisions about the workplace
  • Developing corporate real estate strategies for enterprise clients

We help clients understand the future of the workspace and why and how it is changing. We inspire organisations, ideate to achieve business objectives, and implement a holistic workplace strategy that values all employees. Our methods promote effective translation of design solutions into business performance.

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