office design certifications for wellness DNB, New York - WELL v2 Pilot certified

How can office design certifications for wellness benefit your business?

Learn more about office design certifications for wellness. This article explores the certifications available, their benefits and how they can best support your people and business.

What are office design certifications for wellness?

Office design certifications for wellness help you create spaces that support the health, happiness and productivity of your people. These standards measure, monitor and certify a series of factors within a building that affect health and wellbeing. From light, to air quality, thermal comfort, sound and more.

The Global Wellness Institute estimates that wellness real estate was valued at $275 billion dollars in 2020 and continues to grow. At M Moser, we have 100 in-house WELL accredited professionals delivering over 12 million sq ft of wellness-focused projects. As part of our commitment to a better world, we collaborate with wellness certification bodies to develop and evolve best practices for design.

With our deep rooted industry knowledge and experience, we can help your achieve office design certifications for wellness. From individual workspaces to entire office campuses, we’re here to help you put physical and mental health, psychological safety and community building at the centre of your workplace.

workplace for Okta in Sydney Okta, Sydney - WELL v1 Silver and WELL HSR certified

As a pioneer in the WELL Building movement, M Moser is acknowledged as both educators and thought leaders in designing and delivering healthy built environments.

Paul Scialla, Founder & CEO, WELL Building Standard


WELL is the world’s leading building certification and sees buildings as a public health tool, enabling people to live their healthiest lives. A comprehensive and challenging standard that requires on site verification and buy-in from all stakeholders.


The WELL Health Safety Rating (HSR) was created in response to the pandemic as a better way to prepare spaces to handle emergency and give people peace of mind. WELL HSR labels help indicate healthier, safer spaces.

WELL at scale

WELL at scale offers a cost-effective and scalable approach to prioritise health and wellbeing across your entire portfolio. This programme helps organisations achieve certifications and ratings, improve ESG benchmarking and amplify brand leadership.

WELL Equity Rating

IWBI’s WELL Equity Rating provides a set of evidence-based strategies for taking action toward diversity, equity and inclusion goals and driving improvements in company culture and resilience.


Fitwel is another leading certification that is “committed to building health for all”. Run by the Center for Active Design, it focuses on developing a vision for healthy buildings and communities, to create a wellness-focused future. Analysing over 5,600 academic research studies and partners, Fitwel continuously examines and evaluates its approach.


RESET Air is the first standard to focus on air quality monitoring and management. Developed by GIGA, it has traditionally focused on spaces in China where the focus on particulates has been high for many years. RESET Air looks at CO2, PM2.5, VOCs, temperature and humidity.

workplace for DNB in New York DNB, New York - WELL v2 Pilot certified
workplace for DNB in New York DNB, New York - WELL v2 Pilot certified

So, which office design certification for wellness is best for your business?

To help you find the most appropriate wellness certification, we look at geographical location, budget, scope and what will best serve the needs of your people. We take a unique, integrated approach to your business and the solutions required to help you get the most out of your workplace.

office design certifications for wellness Pernod Ricard, Hong Kong - WELL v1 Gold certified

4 steps to achieving office design certifications for wellness

1. Predesign

  • Kick off wellness-led iterative design process.
  • Design, engineering, procurement, sustainability and wellness teams collaborate on solutions.
  • Register for certifications and address any roadblocks to meeting preconditions.
  • Liaise with the landlord to understand base building provisions for daylight, air and water management.
  • Pre-occupancy survey.

2. Design

  • Connect wellness solutions with practical and aesthetic needs.
  • Careful vetting of materials and furniture to ensure a healthy environment.
  • Incorporate biophilic elements such as plants and patterns from nature.
  • Ensure technical design and specifications reflect wellness parameters.

3. Construction

  • Set expectations for worksite management to comply with good IAQ practices in construction.
  • Re-evaluate specifications and update simulations/models (thermal comfort, energy and daylight).
  • Finalise documents to submit to wellness certifying bodies.

4. In-use

  • Prepare onsite testing and wellness guidebooks.
  • Certification awarded!
  • Post occupancy survey.
  • Aftercare: ongoing wellness certification maintenance.
office design certifications for wellness Zendesk, Singapore - WELL Silver pre-certified
office design certifications for wellness Zendesk, Singapore - WELL Silver pre-certified

Key benefits

  • Align with company-wide health and wellness goals.
  • Provide a space to optimise employee health, happiness and productivity.
  • Demonstrate direct alignment with UN Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs), GRI, S&P CSA, GRESB and IRIS+.
  • Deliver on your ESG objectives.
  • Benchmark using science and research-backed targets.
  • Optimise performance and improve transparency.
  • Improve credibility through 3rd party certification.

For over 40 years, we’ve built a reputation for putting people at the centre of everything we do. Staying at forefront of what drives performance, we continue to share research, grow our reach and build new capabilities to meet the needs of our clients.

There are plenty of office design certifications for wellness available. Want to learn more about which ones would most benefit your people and business? Please speak to the M Moser Wellness team.

Samantha Allen

Associate Director

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