Leading an evolution of culture in a collaborative workplace

Knight Frank, Kuala Lumpur

One of the world’s leading independent real estate consultancies, Knight Frank, partners with M Moser to reshape its workplace in the post-pandemic era. Knight Frank Kuala Lumpur’s office relocation was the opportune moment to rethink and reinvent its work culture. We were appointed as the design consultant to lead this transformation project with a precise aim – to create a high-performing workplace.

At a glance

  1. Openness and flexibility drive culture evolution.
  2. A space that enhances health and wellness to empower people.
  3. A thriving ethos of connection reflected in a collaborative office design.
Knight Frank Kuala Lumpur workplace design

Health and wellbeing

Knight Frank Malaysia wanted to prioritise health and wellbeing. Therefore, we designed the new workplace with comfort and harmony in mind. Biophilia, acoustics, air quality, natural lighting, and layout were carefully designed to ensure the best user experience. An eye-catching preserved moss feature wall and a green ‘boulevard’ in the front of house improve indoor air quality and mental energy.

KnightFrank office lounge design

Unlocking collaboration and creativity

On entrance, distinctive, hotel-like aesthetic twists create a dynamic look and feel as people look up at the exposed ceilings. With a digital media wall and an off-centre reception counter, the arrival area also houses a work café and bar counter. Taking inspiration from speakeasies, a hidden door is placed next to the reception counter. Here, a branding wall reveals the back-of-house open space where lockers and collaboration points support productivity.

Knight Frank work cafe office
Knight Frank Kuala Lumpur

Diverse design to support staff

An array of casual seating and several flexible design components encourage interaction while offering diverse settings for focus. The combination of informal and corporate elements creates a fun and productive atmosphere. Additionally, open and private meeting rooms provide the perfect space for conference calls. In-person training rooms can be opened to host gatherings and internal events.

Boardroom Knight Frank office Kuala Lumpur
Office design Kuala Lumour meeting room
Collaboration area KnightFrank KualaLumpur

Open plan and mobility to break down hierarchy

Knight Frank Kuala Lumpur’s space moves away from traditional desk-bound offices. It is the first workspace in the British-born group to take on a hybrid, agile, people-centric approach in the open plan.

The new office encourages employees to move freely and allows them to select the workspace that best suits their needs. The environment features various settings, such as workbenches, sit-stand tables, bar-height window benches and diverse meeting spaces. By removing physical barriers between management and their teams, the design boosts collaboration and opens communication channels to improve efficiency.

Knight Frank Kuala Lumpur office design
Hot desk Knight Frank workspace
Knight Frank workplace design

Knight Frank’s mantra, “Collaborative and engaged teams naturally provide excellent and dedicated client service”, was a guiding theme for the new Kuala Lumpur workplace. Overall, this flexible and inspiring office design fosters collaboration, productivity and business growth in ways that make people feel comfortable and cared for.

Reception design Knight Frank Malaysia


Completion date



Kuala Lumpur


9,200 sq ft


Jack Shea

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