Custom-designed office by M Moser featuring a reception area, coworking space, artwork, lounge seating, millwork design and casual workspace in a modern office design.

Designing an inspiring next-generation workplace experience

Standard Chartered, San Francisco

Operating in some of the world’s most dynamic financial markets for over 150 years, Standard Chartered has found its new workplace hub on San Francisco’s legendary Market Street. Having worked together on previous projects across the globe, we approached our office design for Standard Chartered Bank with the inclusive lens they are known for.

Our workplace strategy and design teams explored the business needs and workplace goals in order to create and implement design guidelines. Through planning principles, workplace programs, brand and wellbeing strategies, furniture solutions and technology offerings, we created a consistently branded and progressive workplace for a high-quality employee experience.

At a glance

  1. Delivering planning principles, work settings, furniture solutions and technology to create a progressive and branded workplace.
  2. Creating a flexible, people-centric office design that supports different work styles through a variety of settings.
  3. Connecting local art and identity with global brand guidelines to celebrate company culture and values.
  4. Stimulating innovation, creativity and productivity while providing a safe and comfortable environment for all.

With a range of re-usable features, the site had existing conference spaces, additional rooms and electrics. Throughout the project, we were able to upcycle a large majority of flooring and ceiling materials. Long-term flexibility and workplace adaptability were key. This would deepen and enhance the client, customer and employee experience while managing wellbeing and building efficiency. A variety of workstyles are accessible through unique furniture and room settings. Ergonomic working options revolve around sit-to-stand or free mobility. A Mother’s/Wellness room, as well as spaces for personal and shared experiences. The Pantry, a central hub, allows teams to meet casually or host larger events.

Office design inspiration by M Moser featuring a large, open coworking space and meeting and collaboration area with custom interior design, ergonomic seating and office kitchenette.

Designed to create the optimal work experience

Using the company’s inclusive planning principles as the common building blocks, the welcoming office design for Standard Chartered Bank breaks down space types into flexible zones. These zones support people with advanced workplace design and mobility-enhanced technology:

  • Task Zones: Various work points designed to fit the individual. Here, people can sit, stand or walk, providing a variety of non-dedicated collaboration points and focus areas for teams.
  • Hub Zones: Intended for work, rest and play while providing access to collaboration tools such as video conference and presentation capabilities.
  • Social Hubs: Central social and meeting areas to provide users with a lasting impression of the brand. They support formal training and accommodate visitors while being utilised by everyone throughout the day.
Modern office design by M Moser featuring private and shared coworking spaces, hospitality design inspiration, comfortable office seating, custom office graphics and artwork.

Art and artefacts as guiding principles toward heritage and legacy

Standard Charter’s global brand identity is expressed throughout the office design with relevance and consistency. The space clearly communicates its value propositions alongside a locally minded, overarching promise: “Here for Good”. Alongside an art collection that has been built over several years to reflect its culture and international presence, art, sculpture and artefacts reflect the distinct diversity of its staff and clients.

Custom artwork in modern San Francisco office by M Moser featuring Standard Chartered slogan Here for Good with individual workspaces, desks, office technology and ergonomic office chairs.

Connecting brand identity with local relevance

Catering to Standard Chartered’s primarily tech clients, the artwork and design is edgy, playful and bold to stimulate innovation and creativity. They act as an integral part of messaging the Bank’s corporate identity and brand. Local art reflects San Francisco’s diverse and inclusive culture, celebrating the city’s spirit. Bridging common values with themes of Standard Chartered and the San Francisco Bay Area, the space has a vibrant sense of place and purpose.

The new workplace encourages spatial interaction and collaboration in an environment that reflects Standard Chartered’s vision and culture. Placing employee comfort and choice alongside enhanced infrastructure, technology and brand integrity, the space offers an inspiring next-generation experience.



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San Francisco


5,400 sq ft


Emily Hagopian

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