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Reinventing a campus to spark creativity

Multinational technology company, Chengdu

Following a prior successful partnership and building on a deep understanding of its needs, a Multinational Technology Company re-engaged us to reinvent its Chengdu campus. The aspiration was a workspace that resonates with brand identity, fosters creative thinking and underlines a commitment to its people. A hub to attract top industry talent, enabling them to succeed and grow.

Our interdisciplinary team took on the challenge of renovating the old building, offering services from workplace strategy and interior design, to MEP engineering. We also focused on landscape design, lighting, acoustics, and office technology. The outcome is a revitalised and optimised 336,000  sq ft campus designed to be flexible and vibrant while catering to the dynamic needs of 2,400 staff.

Multinational Technology Company chengdu lobby
design of an office space in Chengdu

Overcoming challenges through integrated expertise

  • Connecting spaces to maximise efficiency

    Located in Chengdu’s High-Tech Zone South Park, the campus has two main buildings, A and B, connected by an overhead corridor. During our office space planning, we examined the horizontal and vertical movement throughout the buildings. We considered interconnected functional layouts, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience throughout the campus and enhancing efficiency.
Multinational Technology Company chengdu campus
Multinational Technology Company chengdu campus design
  • Upgrading facilities to support growth

    Due to rapid expansion and a surge in headcount, the building’s current facilities became inadequate. To address this, we integrated internal fire evacuation stairways in line with regulations, enhanced the mechanical and electrical systems using the original, albeit incomplete, blueprints, and incorporated an energy-efficient Heat Recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. Additionally, we repurposed the 5th floor of Building B into a new kitchen, providing employees with a more comfortable and spacious dining environment.
Multinational Technology Company chengdu canteen
Multinational Technology Company chengdu canteen design

Unlocking vibrancy and celebrating local culture

Inspired by the brand’s visual elements, a ‘linear’ motif serves as a recurring design theme across the space. We used “jumping” linear lighting techniques to illuminate the building, creating a lively glow throughout. This resonates with the brand’s character while creating a vibrant campus with strong aesthetic appeal.

Multinational Technology Company chengdu exterior night
chengdu work space design

Moreover, we seamlessly blended elements of Sichuan culture into the interior design, integrating local motifs to spark a sense of connection and creativity. This approach aimed to unite teams and drive productivity. Each meeting room and open discussion space has a distinct Chengdu-inspired theme – such as a bamboo forest, panda, embroidery and mahjong – celebrating the vibrancy, warmth, and natural charm of Chengdu.

workplace design interior collaboration area
office workplace design - meeting room
office workplace design - meeting room

Creating a campus with dynamic and diverse workspace options

We considered the demographic of the team and their inclination towards a varied, open and down-to-earth work culture. So, we reimagined the conventional fixed desks into a versatile and agile layout. The workplace encourages free thinking and offers a dynamic environment by integrating various focus spaces, collaborative zones and social hubs.

Multinational Technology Company office
open office interior design China
office space designing

On the 3rd floors of Buildings A and B, large coworking cafeterias feature eight versatile setups. Including dedicated workstations, pods, adaptable group discussion zones and height-adjustable desks. These areas encourage both collaborative work and relaxed coffee breaks. Amenities like activity rooms, gaming zones, massage spaces and fitness facilities also encourage a more harmonious work-life balance.

Multinational Technology Company chengdu interior
open space chengdu office design
mother's room office design

Both buildings have rooftop gardens, with plenty of biophilia, connected by an overhead walkway. This dynamic and adaptable outdoor space serves multiple purposes – as an ‘oxygen forest’ for relaxation and an ‘art park’ for creative inspiration. A place where staff can unwind, socialise, or join events.

roof Multinational Technology Company chengdu
roof garden design office campus

Our integrated team expertly brought to life this interconnected and vibrant office park. By blending a contemporary design with rich Sichuan cultural elements and human-centric features, this 336,000 sq ft hub demonstrates and propels growth.

Multinational Technology Company chengdu exterior campus


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