Software company office design in New York featuring a colourful brand and employee experience.

Strengthening the employee experience through a unified workplace journey

Adobe, New York

Adobe is one of the world’s largest and most diversified software companies. As an initial expansion of its New York City HQ in Times Square, Adobe wanted to draw on the vibrant energy of its urban surroundings. Inspired by Adobe’s workplace design principles of inclusivity, seamlessness and inspiring innovation, our architecture and interior design teams’ have provided a workplace journey with a splash of colour and comfort.

The office design is dynamic and colourful for Adobe New York’s 500 employees, representing its global sales and customer hub. Inspired by the concept of a prism, colour responds to workers’ needs and behaviours. This space captures a full spectrum of environments that enable different creative processes while also capturing the energy of New York City.

At a glance

  1. Integrate a hospitality-driven experience on the 20th floor to function as a Customer Experience Centre for client-facing interactions.
  2. Dynamic workplace solutions offer a broad spectrum of workspaces.
  3. A design concept inspired by a prism uses carefully informed colour choices to define active, collaborative spaces from quiet, focused work areas.
  4. Artwork and environmental graphics bring the Adobe brand to life.
Adobe office design by M Moser in New York City features a vibrant display of colors and brand experience.
Art in the workplace creates a comfortable employee experience, office design by M Moser Associates.

Creating ideal types and sizes of space for maximum efficiency

Our design encompasses the construction and build-out of the 18th, 19th and 20th floors and design services for the remodel of the 17th floor. All the remodelled floors tie in concisely with Adobe’s Building Management System.

Our team designed a Customer Experience Centre on the 20th floor to accommodate the hundreds of employees representing the company’s enterprise sales teams. As a conference environment, this floor caters to client-facing partners and all facets of customer support and enablement. This floor incorporates many custom design details that allow the space to function as both a workplace and a hospitality experience. For example, a fully operable dual curtain system can open to create a presentation space or retract into a storage closet. This presentation area, or ‘Campfire’ as nicknamed by the client, also features an acoustic ceiling with a custom perforated pattern and customisable dynamic lighting.

Casual meeting and training area designed by M Moser Associates for Adobe in New York.
Custom curtain wall design by M Moser for a multi-purpose meeting and employee experience area.
A heightened employee experience design by M Moser in New York city featuring views of Times Square.
Custom curtain wall design by M Moser for a multi-purpose meeting and employee experience area.

Representing Adobe’s workstyles, our team created spaces that give employees a choice of where and how they work. Whether that be in an open, collaborative space or private focus areas. Dedicated workstation designs help to promote a healthy work environment that enhances the wellbeing of its employees by incorporating biophilic and sustainable elements.

Importantly, the space reflects Adobe by building the brand right into the architecture and design elements.

A hospitality-inspired booth design for Adobe in New York City overlooking Times Square.

Creating places for people to connect

Speciality destinations on each floor enhance the employee journey. The spaces include a tech bar, library and adventure room geared towards photography.

Tech café design by M Moser Associates featuring a unique location for employees to seek IT and technology aid.

A central hub functions as both a café and an all-hands space for hosting large, scaled gatherings. Locating the hub along the entire west perimeter of the building maximises natural daylight. Likewise, it benefits from sweeping views of Times Square. Additionally, it provides viewing space for the infamous New Year’s Eve Ball Drop and other happenings.

Interactive workplace experience featuring a break area for employees with a ping pong table and colourful artwork and lighting.
Central meeting and collaboration area at Adobe in New York City featuring tiered seating, long tables and a comfortable atmosphere conducive to work.
Café setting at Adobe with bright colours and a terrazzo countertop to offer employees a unique break and rest area.

Using colour as a tool to impact behaviour

A prism dynamically refracts and reflects light. The workplace design mirrors the vibrant energy of Times Square just outside. Inside, a human-centred office design prioritises diverse staff needs with a range of different spaces to activate the workplace.

Using colour as a tool to impact employee behaviour and instil the workplace with an upbeat atmosphere, this area features tinted glass walls and vibrant environmental graphics.

We know colour affects our behaviour, perception, performance and wellbeing. So, we worked closely with Adobe to develop a colour journey through the HQ stack. By analysing the desired behaviours, we chose the spectrum of colour best suited for each type of space.

On arrival, visitors see a colourful glass film leading into a reception, hub and connected games room. Warmer tones of bright yellow, orange and Adobe red accents, mixed with playful stone and tile patterns, define the higher energy zones.

Meanwhile, cooler tones offset the vibrancy to encourage focused, heads-down work. Subtle colour pops through organic carpet patterns and dynamic paint angles in blue, green and teal hues offer a gentle pull into zoned neighbourhoods and collaboration areas.

Workplace design inspired by a prism at Adobe by M Moser.
Various work settings to support employees includes private rooms for focus and collaborative settings for group work.

Crafting a cohesive design journey

Colours and patterns inspired by Adobe platforms, including Adobe ‘A’-inspired paint angles, help tell the story of Adobe’s brand identity. In addition, directional ceiling slats in the main corridors and elevator lobbies lead the eye to newly branded internal staircases. The staircases enhance wellness by encouraging employees to move vertically.

Corporate office entryway design for Adobe featuring their signature logo and a welcoming experience for employees and guests.

Adjacent to the staircases, business-driven destinations entice employees and build a curated client journey. Adobe artwork, conceptualised by M Moser, tells an inspiring story about the brand. Furthermore, it locates the office regionally by highlighting New York City landmarks.

Comfortable, multi-purpose boardroom design by M Moser.

Workplace culture and community are paramount for Adobe

Our office design for Adobe encourages chance encounters, cross-collaboration and direct exposure to the work of fellow Adobe teams. Consequently, it creates a sense of community and belonging for staff and visitors.

Casual meeting and work points featuring retail and hospitality-inspired design, soft seating, colourful accents and lounge chairs.

From the crossroads of the world to the crossroads of Adobe, we’ve created an energetic workplace with purpose.

Project Management Associate, M Moser Associates

As a phased project that continues the design aesthetic and functionality created during previous phases, Adobe’s new floors bring a stronger sense of workplace identity and a unified experience. As Adobe continues revolutionising how the world engages with ideas and information, its New York destinations pride themselves on the vibrant and energetic vibe to help create a fun and dynamic work environment.

Corridor at Adobe office in New York featuring warm wooden panelling and custom lighting.

In the upcoming phases of this project, our New York team will continue to use design to integrate the Adobe community, and its locations, into one fully connected New York City campus.



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Times Square, New York City


81,972 sq ft


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