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Sounding a new beat with a creative and cultural destination

Sony Music, Mumbai

Sony Music envisioned a space in Mumbai that would do more than house its business operations. It sought to aid in its goal to transform the Indian music industry. We were engaged to bring this bold vision to life, creating a unique destination where Sony Music’s legacy labels and new brands could prosper. The result is a welcoming and inspiring place where musical talents and their creative partners engage, connect and co-create.

At a glance

  1. Celebrating local and global musical culture to resonate with Indian creatives.
  2. Providing a contemporary club-like environment to support talent recruitment goals.
  3. Curating the client’s brand and cultural legacy through artwork and installations.
  4. Delivering an inspiring and memorable experience that provide a unique sense of place.
Sony Music Mumbai office

Establishing a transformative destination to drive change

Mumbai is Bollywood’s epicentre, the vibrant heart of India’s entertainment industry. Sony’s choice to establish its hub in Mumbai represented an opportunity to effect change in the heart of India’s rich music sector. The result is a transformative space for people in the industry.

From our client’s bold vision for change, we created a unique club-like experience that resonates and inspires.

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A testament to the brand’s musical legacy

At the inception of the project, our multidisciplinary team invested time to understand the client’s goals, aspirations and position in the market. Our imperative was to embody Sony Music’s essence, activating its core values of diversity, passion, innovation and collaboration. Design elements – including featured artworks and installations of sound waves and drumheads – demonstrate Sony Music’s dynamic new identity and culture.

Environmental branding workplace design
Sony Music Mumbai workplace

Designing for a purposeful journey

Upon entering Sony Music Mumbai, people are welcomed in The Lobby, where a Walk of Fame tells a story through portraits of its iconic roll call of artists, whilst a small display of vinyl albums in reception provides a glimpse of its rich heritage. The journey continues to The Library, a busy central hub where collaboration thrives and creativity flows freely. Here, people can engage in informal meetings and impromptu conversations. Serving as the heart of the workspace, this area is surrounded by team neighbourhoods, supported by workstations, meeting rooms and enclosed cabins, catering to a range of deep work and functional needs.

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Sony Music Mumbai brand office

The culmination of this journey unfolds at The Lounge, a versatile space designed for community activation. Built to adapt to any occasion, this area offers flexible setups to accommodate various events, whether hosting town hall meetings or musical performances. To enhance everyday comfort and create a satisfying experience for performing artists, acoustics were carefully considered throughout.

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Supporting creativity with comfortable and inspiring environments

Sony Music’s success comes from people and their boundless energy and creativity. Guided by this vision, we’ve curated an environment that immerses artists, employees, and visitors in the brand’s values at every moment. We started by defining and recognising touchpoints that would guide us in creating a bespoke branded destination and immersive experiences. Enhancing this experience are two distinct environments: The Music Lounge and The Work Cafe.

The Music Lounge is an intimate and special space where creativity and passion takes centre stage. With a recording studio, DJ station, an exceptional vinyl collection and a stage, it’s the perfect destination for creative workshops, recording sessions, cultural gatherings, and private events.

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In contrast, The Work Cafe offers a relaxing wellbeing retreat for employees and partners. Featuring shared bench seating for groups and comfortable banquettes with lush greenery, it’s a serene space designed to encourage community and relaxation amidst Sony Music’s dynamic environment.

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Sony Music Mumbai office

A placemaking approach for a glo-cal feel

The distinctive character of Sony Mumbai’s project lies in its fusion of global and local influences, celebrating diversity and cultural richness. We infused the brand’s bold use of reds whilst paying homage to Indian tradition, where warm tones of ochre and gold are familiar. Locally produced accessories and customised pieces like furniture, rugs and lighting add a layer of creativity and craft. Vibrant bespoke artworks and brand installations bring music culture to life, while the playful blend of bold colours and generous use of timber creates an inviting space and a distinct sense of place.

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Sony Music Mumbai workplace walls
Hospitality feel workplace interior

Through hospitable design and meaningful integration of brand, the project delivers an immersive and memorable experience that resonates with the local creative community. Setting the stage for continued innovation and growth, Sony Music in Mumbai provides a transformative environment that boldly sounds a new beat for the exciting future of Indian music.

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1,579 sq m / 17,000 sq ft


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