We design and deliver workplacesto bring out the best in people

Adapt to tomorrow

We make architecture about people. See how we build the future for global market leaders.


Ideas in progress

Redefine the way you think about work environments.

illustration of sensory design experience at work

Sensory design for offices – it’s child’s play.

People collaborating on moveable furniture
Projects | Personio, Amsterdam

Crafting an equitable, adaptive workplace for today's world

people sitting in landscape architectural seating
Projects | PayPal, San Jose

Looking beyond walls to advance the future of the workplace

workplace neurodiversity article illustration portrait

Workplace neurodiversity: designing for difference

We’re taking climate action. Bringing together people from every part of the process to change design and construction.

Moira Moser


View from entrance of office design in Amsterdam for EY
EY, Amsterdam

Creating a flexible and collaborative workspace

Dyson Global HQ, Singapore

Inspiring innovation at Dyson’s repurposed global headquarters

lidl office exterior
Lidl House, London

Bringing people together - sustainably accredited office architecture


collaboration space

Office design ideas for collaborative workspaces

Detail of building showing result of achitectural services

Evaluating stay vs go scenarios with architectural studies

M Moser continually tinkers with its office, seeking new ways to support its staff and offer a ‘proof of concept’ to visiting clients.

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