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The adaptive workplace

Our two-part whitepaper series introduces The Adaptive Workplace, a novel approach to workplace design. The first paper, Embracing Change – The Adaptive Workplace, explains this new methodology, prioritising adaptability and flexibility. This methodology offers a framework and comprehensive roadmap for organisations. It enables them to create a responsive, flexible, and adaptable workplace that meets the needs of today’s ever-changing business environment.


The paper argues that the traditional approach to workplace design is often rigid. Countering that, it outlines that workplace design needs to transform to account for businesses’ and employees’ shifting needs and preferences. An adaptive workplace evolves. Furthermore, the methodology focuses on developing a workplace vision and goals that align with the organisation’s overall business strategy. Alongside the organisation, the workplace should respond and adapt to technological changes, work processes, employee needs and beyond.

We incorporate the latest workplace design and technology research into this work. Our expertise is grounded in more than 40 years of global workplace experience and a deep understanding of employee behaviour and work processes. Our findings have uncovered that the workplace can be more functional, efficient, enjoyable, and satisfying for employees. Moreover, it can be harnessed as a true key to the success of organisations. Finally, we outline how organisations can create a workplace well-equipped and responsive to fluctuating business conditions by implementing an adaptive workplace methodology. This approach helps in attracting and retaining top talent and driving innovation and growth.

Our second whitepaper in this series is The Value of the Workplace – Designing for an Adaptive, Equitable Future. It explores the evolving role of the workplace and how its design can create value for both organisations and employees. It highlights the importance of creating adaptable and equitable workplaces that accommodate diverse employee needs and promotes inclusivity.

This series explores the evolving role of the workplace and how its overall design creates value for both organisations and their employees.

Both whitepapers provide practical strategies and tools for designing and sustaining flexible, responsive workplaces that support employees’ wellbeing and drive success.

The Adaptive Workplace methodology offers a proven approach to workplace design. Whether you are looking to improve productivity, boost employee engagement, or create a more pleasant work environment.

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