M Moser Paris party

We have unveiled the highly anticipated M Moser Paris living lab. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to foster creativity, collaboration and experimentation. It will act as a hub for cutting-edge workplace design thinking.

Audrey Zaimeche with clients

Paris living lab

Our living labs are where we push boundaries and trial new ideas to transform the way people work. We’re focused on reducing, reusing and recycling, whilst creating spaces that are adaptable and flexible.

Situated in the heart of the vibrant city, at the Centre d’Affairs Paris Victoire. The M Moser Paris living lab showcases our commitment to creating transformative workspaces that inspire innovation.

Housewarming party

The housewarming, held on 14th June, was attended by a range of M Moser’s clients and industry leaders. The occasion provided a glimpse into the living lab’s exceptional features and its potential to drive groundbreaking solutions for future workplaces.

M Moser Paris party
Performers at the Paris living lab party

Collaboration hub

The Paris living lab serves as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration. Bringing together professionals from across architecture, interior design, technology, sustainability and more.

Furthermore, in this nurturing environment for networking and knowledge sharing, we will be hosting a diverse range of events, workshops, and forums. The aim is to bring together thought leaders, researchers, and industry professionals to exchange ideas and push the boundaries of design and innovation.

Audrey Zaimeche

We are thrilled to open the doors of the M Moser Paris living lab. This space represents our unwavering commitment to driving innovation, sustainability and human-centric design. We believe that by creating an environment that inspires collaboration and experimentation, we can shape a better future for all.

Audrey Zaimeche, Senior Associate at M Moser Associates
M Moser Paris team

M Moser’s Paris living lab signals an exciting era of innovation and collaboration in the heart of Paris. Additionally, it promises to revolutionise workplace design, setting new benchmarks for sustainable design and fostering a global community dedicated to shaping the future of the built environment.

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